Love A New Snap Back

As a new Season creeps in, I’ll inevitably be found in a list writing frenzy. Scouring Pinterest for what looks are tickling my fancy. It’s quite an elumination process I’ll go through, one for another time. 

Alas, I’ll do the same for the kids. An item I wanted to get for the boy was a new snap back. The daily wear to school had meant his current hat of choice had seen better days. Some days it would go completetly awol; so I was understandably reluctant to go all out prior to the summer holidays.

Scouring the internet I struggled, If it wasn’t covered in Minions it was channeling a little too much ’50 cent’.


And so through the power of Instagram and the ever so wise google … ”trucker caps like Jamie Oliver’s….. I stumble across the man himself and his collaboration with ‘Lucky Number 7‘. I procrastinated over the huge selection of badges the boy would like. The colours of the crests and just the right shade of grey. And when it arrived; Super quick may I add. I was super chuffed.

He doesn’t feel like he’s wearing a ‘kids dinosaur hat’ …. he’s 5!!….. and I love him in it. 


// sidenote // I ordered the boy a Regular fit. He’s 5, but does have to size up for hats generally. It fits perfectly, with no need to adjust at the back. 



The Boy Is All About…

This week the boy is all about his baseball caps.

He really suits a big ol' trucker cap. And with the sunshine..kinda… Making an appearance when it feels like it. I'm happy he's willing to wear a hat with no fuss. Winner.


He's got a couple of caps from H&M, which he chose himself great for everyday or for pre school, but I'm thinking another addition to the collection is in order.


In love with this one from Four Monkeys And K.



And as expected, my favourite go to boutique for the kids Cissy Wears, has a great range to choose from. This Beau Loves favourite is a popular choice. Edie has the much IG'd Beau Loves Cat Cap. It's a huge hit in this house.


Maybe this Mini Rodini number, for a pop of colour in the boys wardrobe…


This ones very cute, I think the monochrome a a good shout, a timeless staple.

For something they're not going to grow out of, or that's so non gender specific any of the above I'd say are worth the £25-£30 price tags. Mixed up with some H&M, Zara basics a good accessory lifts the whole outfit.