So then …

Clonking through motherhood in my biker boots, enjoying my thirties.

Sharing experiences, opinions and rambles with non ‘mumsy’ fashion I love and cool kids style I adore.

I hope you enjoy.


8 thoughts on “So then …

  1. *Waves* welcome to world of blogging, it’s lots of fun and not as scary as it seems, I have met some amazing people through all this, I’m sure you will too! X x

  2. MARIE says:

    Looking forward to more posts! I too am a cardie-loving, mommy with an insatiable appretite for all things sweet :). I saw a hash tag you had on Instagram (#dairyfreebaby). I’m so curious to know more about your dairy-free choices for your little ones!

    • HI! *waves frantically and passes round a plate of garibaldi ‘s* πŸ˜‰ how lovely of you, thank you for reading, I’ll do a post very soon on the ole’ dairy debacle and how we’ve moved forward, thanks again xx

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