School Reports, Dodgy Cops and Disney Princesses #LittleLoves


The boy’s first ever school report. The little class health and safety officer that he is (I’ll take ownership of that trait) is growing in confidence and is a budding scientist by all accounts. (That bit is all down to Daddy). He has great knowledge of the world, nature, art. He is caring, thoughtful and polite. 

We read these comments bursting with pride. And thankful that perhaps these last 5 years of relentless nagging, pulling up on manners and teaching him how to treat people respectfully have sunk in and are shaping this little man into a beautiful person. I adore him.  


The final episode of The Affair. And was left bewildered. … So I’m turning my attention to the new series of True Detective. If the last series was anything to go by, this will be incredible!


Ripped cut offs, jeans, racer back vest and Nike sliders. Every.day. Fast becoming my summer uniform.

The girl however, I treated to a new princess dress. And she loves to wear it in the living room and dance to her favourite Disney films. Happening upon this hanging in her room, just because made her day. And mine. 


Every overly chipper, happy, trilly twinkly Disney song. Ever made. Numerous times. See above.


The boy a new snap back, it’s that level of amazing, It will be Instagram fodder all summer and as such deserves a post all of its own!


I’m loving the sunshine…albeit short lived of late. But the bugs are really testing my resolve! 

Mr. G loves every inch of summer; the food, wine, dining Al fresco, the beach…. Meanwhile I’m on Pinterest like a woman possessed searching for gorgeous knits and oversized scarves. I’m very excited about Autumn wardrobe shopping. …. There, I said it. *ducks to avoid summer lovers abuse*