Burpees, Toys on Rollerskates and Good T.V #littleloves


An inspiring, witty interview in Women’s Health with Ellie Golding. Our trainer at bootcamp loves to give us burpees when we feel like we can do no more!.. So this made me giggle.


The Affair, a Ruth Wilson fan…. She’s incredible in Luther. With an incredible cast I thought I’d check it out. A little confused, but it’s so well written I’m curious as to how this will pan out.  Love the gritty drama’s Sky Atlantic are churning out recently. 



Rudimental on Jools Holland. Loving Rudimental these days, in the car, on my running playlist, my housework soundtrack. I’m so down with the kids!! 

Speaking of being down with the kids. Fearne Cotton is the only show on Radio one I still listen to. A huge live lounge fan, I’m sad this week is her last. Love her humour, love her wit, adore her style. Now I’ll no longer be a radio one listener. I guess I’m officially old! Ha! 


A little girl ridiculously happy. A friend and I took Edie to Build A Bear to ‘pimp up’ her My Little Pony. Rainbow Dash got Rollerskates. Edie loved every minute of it. It’s given a much loved toy a new lease of life. We had so much fun!



A pale yellow nail. Willing some sunshine with a Barry M ‘Stop The Clock’ polish. Loving the stiletto shape these days. … Needless to say I’m having to take care with the kiddos eyes! 


Lists, lists and more lists. I’ve been writing lists, things to buy for the kids, for me, for the house, for summer. Things to do over the summer, places to experience, friends to visit. I’ve got piles of lists everywhere these days.

I love lists. 


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