Knock,Knock…. “Tingalingalingaling”

How ridiculously adorable is this little fairy door, from The Magic Door Store?!


I first met Sarah, the brainchild behind The Magic Door Store at Bubble London. I was taken in by the style of the door, the colour, the refined details. I knew Edie would really buy into the story behind the door. It’s so whimsical, pushing her imagination and keeping that childhood innocence alive. Her big brother is pretty intrigued too! We’ve signed our fairy contract and the fairy dust is ready to go…



…. Soon the Easter bunny will be using the door to leave some treats….

The quality, attention to detail and depth of the colour is so rich. It fastens to the wall easily using paint friendly adhesive strips. Now at home in the playroom its become quite the talking point with the kids playmates.


I Can.Not.Wait to have fun with it, if you follow my IG you’ll know I love a bit of Dinovember, so to mark different events I’ll use the magic door as a focus point. Holidays. Seasons. Birthdays…. and just because.

Every now and again I’ll find these two crouching down, whispering together listening out for elves and fairies on the other side. A couple of days ago, Edie gasped “I heard tingalinginging!”…… Seriously. I just can’t even!!!

Head on over to The Magic Door Store to see the whole range, get ideas of how to dress yours, and pick a colour to suit your home for the elves and fairies, or they would make a fantastic gift, … The kids childhood memories will thank you for it.


A huge thankyou to Sarah for our beautiful door.


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