Love The Little Things Week // 40


This week I’ve had my brain fried with a phonics lesson. The boy has started reception this year and parents were invited to hear about how and why the children are taught phonics in the methods the school use.

It was very interesting but wow. My head was spinning afterwards reading through our handouts with Trigraph, Segmenting, Grapheme -ness.


While the little one was at pre school Thursday morning, doing some blog planning with a coffee to my right, I watched This Is 40 … In the middle of the day. A whole film. Get me!. It was hilarious! One of my favourites. I’ve a total girl crush on Leslie Mann, so,SO funny!


“Big clunky stompy boots” according to the top knotted tinker.



The soundtrack to the eagerly awaited new Hunger Games film. LOVE this Trilogy. Love Lorde.


Some business cards on Moo.com , get me!


I’ve now officially declared it Autumn. I’ve had the wood burner swept and it’s now raging good guns. Bring on winter…


Join in with this linky from the ever lovely But Why Mummy Why



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