Love The Little Things // 39

A bit slow off the mark the last couple of weeks to join in, so am jumping in this week with my little loves through But Why Mummy Why ‘s fab blog.




I’ve been re-reading some of my favourite issues of these magazines. Although already read from cover to cover, I still like to go through them from time to time and drink them in all over again. The styling is second to none.


Babiekins Magazines


Getting totally absorbed in the Saturday night trash tv. Tumble, Strictly and X Factor. I’m a total sucker for the lot.



Earlier this week I got my haircut to a crop after a gruelling year or so of growing it, to then not liking it longer at all. Boring everyone within earshot of do I, don’t I. I did and have no regrets.

Hair cropped.jpg




Trawling through my iTunes compiling a playlist, to run to as I continue with my Team Challenge 10 journey. I came across some Death In Vegas albums I’d forgotten I’d had. As a result Dirge is on repeat. A lot.




Beef Bourginion, with mustard mash potato and a fruit crumble. Gordon Ramsey’s recipe kicks ass!

Screw this 25 degree nonsense. I’m in full autumn mode.



If I see anymore friends Facebook status updates about Christmas Shopping, it’s likely to tip me over the edge! Enough of the ‘I’m super organised’ bragging please.

If you’re not frantically elbowing old dears to get to the stocking fillers area in john lewis the day before Christmas Eve, it’s just not Christmas for me.


Be sure to hop over to Morgana’s blog and link up you lovely lot.



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