Team Challenge 10

School run complete in pouring rain and with farewell tears from the top knotted tinker, left me walking home with that stomach churning feeling. Despite a lovely call from the pre school to reassure me she is  having a great time, it wasn’t the start of the day I’d hoped for.

So many things I have to do and lists to write, I thought I’ll take some time out and run it off. Some headspace.

I get home, changed, psyched up. Log into Map my Run, get Nick Grimshaw on Radio 1 iplayer and set off to do the 3.8km route in a good time, my plan to work on a rhythm, settle my breathing and pace. Not start to fast, in preparation to build up the distance at the weekend.

A gentle jog into it, my phone is too big for the zip pocket in the back of my trousers, so I have to hold it, which makes me nervous, my ear phones keep falling out, I lose signal so I have no music and map my run has no idea where or what I’m doing.

I get frustrated. I try to push on irrelevant but I just can’t find my rhythm. I can not get into it. At.all. I’m so out of the zone it’s ridiculous.

And so, I huff. Turn on my heels and walk home feeling deflated.

Should I have carried on and tried to snap out of it? Probably.

Am I determined to do it tomorrow irrelevant of technical hiccups. Abso.bloody.lutely!

Team Challenge 10

Has this ever happened to you? Can you snap yourself out of it, or do you just put it down to some days your body and mind are just not up for a run?



2 thoughts on “Team Challenge 10

  1. Some days I think I’m not up for a run… but so far I’ve been out every day I’ve planned to and, once I’m out there everything seems to settle down, it feels like a run is the fresh start and I can forget all my stresses and reset.

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