Challenge 10

There was a time when doing the school cross country meant a slow meander around the course catching up on who’s snogging who. When the Sweaty Betty catalogue would have me checking it was addressed correctly and emails from the local Gym of which I joined a decade ago having me chuckling to myself.

….. and now?, 6 months into my ‘get fitter’ journey, I’m a stone lighter, have made closer friendships and I look forward to getting my kicks on and getting out to do something just for myself a few evenings a week, having that headspace of a run or smashing a bootcamp session has left me feeling less, well, ‘meh’

When I started it was to feel stronger, fitter, to lose weight, of course, but not in a thigh gap obsessive kinda way, but to feel happier about myself, less self conscious. A few months ago a run just shy of 3 miles it would take me almost 40 minutes, I’d stop and walk some of it. Which is fine. I was doing something. I can now do the same run in 20 minutes without stopping, but at the end my legs are like jelly and I hit the wall of wanting to stop.

And so, when I read about My Two Mums Challenge 10 starting 1st September I wanted in. 10 Bloggers, 10 miles, and 10 Months to achieve it. A brilliant idea!

This will be a personal challenge to me, to achieve that run in a good time, without stopping. I really want to do it. For myself.

Ill be posting about my progress and our journey as a team on here we’re also on Twitter follow myself and the other bloggers taking part #TeamChallenge10

Tweet us running tips, good sound tracks to motivate you on a run, show us your support… Why not join us? Want to challenge yourself, get in touch!

….. In the mean time I’ll be turning page corners on the latest Sweaty Betty offerings









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