Love The Little Things

There are some very talented bloggers out there in Twitterland and beyond, one of which is But Why Mummy Why, enjoying her linky’s of Love The Little Things, and so 35 weeks into it, I’ve pulled my finger out to get involved… Be lovely if you did too….


With the children still not back at school I’ve had 3 magazines this last month that remain in their untouched state. I’ve had time though to flick through the latest offerings in Hush’s Autumn Catalogue. Oh. My. Things of deliciousness!








A late night of ironing fun…rock and roll that I am…. I came across Sky’s Lifetime channel’s Dance Mom’s. Oh my word. I’m hooked.



I’m getting involved in the Challenge 10 organised by My Two Mums. And as such I’ve been to bootcamp to get my fitness up after a summer of BBQ’s and G&T’s. I dusted off my trainers and went for a gentle run round the village.



The top knotted tinker sing “Wind The Bobbin Up” repeatedly the 2hr drive to Southwold at the weekend. With an occasional interlude of “Let It Go” and the odd snack demand.



A total mess of our living room, in an attempt to clean our rug. The kids thought it was a snow machine. It didn’t go well.



I’m driving everyone within ear shot mad with my haircut indecisiveness. I’m boring myself with the to crop again or not to crop debate…. And so I’m turning to Pinterest for support and browse of haircuts.

Pop over to But Why Mummy Why to read other Love The Little Things links #littlelove



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