I’m All About

This week I'm all about Lollibop I am ridiculously excited to take the kids. They have no idea where they're going and what they'll see.


Fingers crossed the weather will hold up and they enjoy it as much as I hope they will.


I've been getting a bag together, as Lollibop first timers I'm covering all bases.


Canvas Tote – Alphabet Bags

Sun cream

Wipes … Always need wipes

Ear Defenders…. Not sure if will need them, but the boy especially is quite sensitive to loud noise, so taking to be on the safe side

The top knotted tinkers hairbrush …. My Little Pony… As is everything these days!

Some queuing bribery and snacks in the form of cookies and Pez

A crown hairband …. It's a crown. It's all kinds of awesome


Tickets. Must.Not.Forget.Tickets


The boys outfit of choice ….

Straw Trilby – Asos
T Shirt – Mine from when I was 5
Thin cotton trousers – Zara
Hi Tops – H&M
Hoodie – Zara
…. Back up change of clothes
Hello Apparel Vest – Southwood Stores
Shorts – H&M
And for the girl….
Straw Cat Ear Hat – H&M
'I'm On The Guest List' T Shirt – Imps & Elfs
Skinny Jeans – H&M
Ju Ju Jellies – Office Kids
Puppy Print Jumper – H&M
….. Back up change of clothes
Hello Apparel Vest – Southwood Stores
Shorts – Zara Kids
Melon Print Harem Trousers – Zara Kids
If it's warm enough they'll both be rocking their Hello vests for sure, I love them, take a peek at Southwood Stores, the only UK Stockist of Hello Apparel.
So, here's to having a fab time at Lollibop, If you see me there, please stop me & say hi & have a fantastic time!











3 thoughts on “I’m All About

    • Looks like I might be cramming a raincoat or 2 in that bag too! Pez and cookies are the answer to everything… Although trying to get the kids to be patient while plying them with sugar may backfire on me! Ha! …. Enjoy Saturday! Xx

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