He’s All About

This week the boy is all about getting ready to go to big boy school.


Yesterday we braved the 'School Shoe Shopping Trip' …. And actually was pleasantly suprised it was easier than I expected. It's been a while since the boys feet were measured. Over the summer he's been throwing on his high tops and flip flops. And so, we pottered into Clarkes to get him fitted properly. Afterall these are shoes he'll wear 5 days a week 6 hrs a day so it's important. *yawns*

I know the school has a uniform code, I respect that. But oh.wow. I was so uninspired by the selection of mundane black.


Now don't get me wrong I'm a big monochrome fan, I like simple. But these are just very very Dull. Sensible. Clonky. Uninspiring. But in their defence I suppose they've done the best they can with what the shoes need to be.

Totally sucked in hook line and sinker by the iPad measuring your feet with funny little characters. The big sales pitch, masks, books thrust in his face with jazz hands and wide grins …. it was evident early the ball was in his court with this one.


The boy was thrilled with the dinosaur reference on the sole of his chosen shoes. And so within 20 minutes or so, some obligatory stomping up and down the shop we were done.


Stomp Roar – Clarks – £35


I suppose with school shoes I need to suck it up and let him choose what he wants. If it makes getting ready in the mornings easier I'm all for it. However had, I have been in uber pushy mum mode, I'd have got him into a pair of any of these alternative beauts for my own 'these look way cooler' benefit.


Dr. Martens – Alex And Alexa – £46.00



Chelsea Boots – H&M – £14.99, also Check out Zara's Chelsea boots at £39.99 they're leather and lovely!


Lace Shoes – Next – £24-31



Chuka Boots – Next – £28-£35


Bulchers – Zara Kids – £35.99


And for the weekend, when those little feet want to break free and rebel, here are some of my favourite kicks….


Feiyue Trainers SS14 – Scandinavian Minimall – £60.00


Star Wars Stormtrooper Vans – Alex And Alexa – £29.00


Tiger Trainers – H&M – £9.99


Ash Frog High Tops – Ash Footwear – £95 (available in other colour ways)


Dinosaur inspired High Tops – H&M – £17.99


If you're embarking on the school shoes shopping trip, good luck you lovely lot!



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