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This week we've had a week together in Provence for my father in laws 70th. It's been planned for a year and we couldn't wait to get together, My Sister in law and her family travelled all the way from Sydney so that we could all get together to celebrate. She'd not met the top knotted tinker so it was really something…. I discovered I need some variation in styling Edie's hair, she was very taken with Auntie Ali's plaiting skills.




We enjoyed the most stunning house in the valleys just outside of Bonnieux. After a gruelling day of travelling we pulled in to the sweeping drive to be greeted with this and a cold glass of champagne. It was going to be a good week.






A very old house oozing character. It really was beautiful, With hidden treasures round every corner to enjoy and entice the kids out of the sun for a while. I polished up my pétanque skills, one evening we played and enjoyed a steak tartare … Could you get any more in the French spirit?!


These 2 tinkers had THE best time in and out the pool splashing around with their dad…. While I watched on and enjoyed my book in the sun. Bliss.


We took some time just for us 4 and walked into Bonnieux to take in the views and enjoy an ice cream. The boys highlight!



Mr G's parents looked after all the kids one evening so that we could go out to dinner with his sister and her husband. We had such a giggle. Although due to the walking and the ridiculous steps I thought better of the ecru Zara dress unfortunately.

I really need to conjure up an opportunity to wear that beaut again.

I'll really miss our morning walks around the gardens exploring, with a coffee in hand. Spending simple relaxing time altogether reminding ourselves just how lucky we are to have our healthy wonderful family.



Thank you France. You were awesome.



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