I’m All About

This week I got a long awaited chop.

I tried the Sean Hanna salon in Cambridge. I had such a relaxing experience. I knew I wanted a micro fringe of sorts, I knew something needed to be done with the colour.

I thought I'd perhaps keep more length, but as the stylist explained, the blonde had dried it out so much and my hairs so fine, that to keep some of the length wouldn't do me any favours.so we opted for a very blunt bob.

A colour aliken to digestive biscuits. Fab.

And a shorter blunt fringe….. I should've pushed for a teeny bit shorter with the fringe. Next time.

With salons dotted around the country, take a look, and read through their current promotions, as a friend recommended me, we both got 30% off which made a significant difference to the overall cost.

…..cue cheesy before and after…of sorts








2 thoughts on “I’m All About

  1. Ooo exciting! There’s nothing like a new hair style to make you feel special – especially when the salon is fab which your one sounded like it was. Wish we could see more of the new style though – post more pix please! X

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