Is All About

This week the boy is all about beginning to make his own shopping decisions.


This is a new phenomenon to me. Ordinarily I buy stuff. They wear said stuff. I Instagram the sh*t out of it.


Now. I buy stuff. He protests it's not blue or red or hasn't enough dinosaurs on it. We have a stand off.

Vest – Hello Apparel Kids – Southwood Stores (only uk stockist)

Shorts – Zara


I want him to feel comfortable, enjoy what he's wearing. At the same time I like to see him in certain things and I enjoy buying them things I know they'll look good in. Shallow? Maybe. But it makes me happy.


Last week I took him to Zara shocker for some more shorts, I gave him a choice of 3 pairs… I'm still holding the cards but allowing him to make the final decision. Happy with this compromise he chose these soft lightweight shorts that he LOVES because he “chose them all by himself”.


He's 4, and as much as I want him to have his own voice. I'm not ready to hand over full wardrobe control just yet.


Have a stubborn toddler that refuses to wear anything but peppa pig every.day. ? Maybe try this tactic. Let me know how you get on you lovely lot!







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