The Boy Is All About

This week the boy has been all about his fast growing Pez collection.


Ok I confess, I may have squealed a little in excitement when we found the black angry bird we've been looking for since he got his first one… That's now missing a beak. Am I feeding the obsession by buying them for him? Sure. But if these little plastic sweet dispensers give us a Mother Son moment of giggles and excitement it's the best £2-3 I could think to spend.



He only has 5 or 6 so far but he's a big fan. Each one is from a day out, as a 'well done in swimming' gesture, or just for the hell of it. We've been buying some for friends as parts of a birthday present here and there too.


We were looking through @dailypez 's Instagram feed, just brilliant! and now my Mum in America is in on the act, keeping her eyes peeled for some a little different.


There are serious Pez collectors out there. Forums, websites, shops dedicated to these little guys. I stumbled across a rare Tom & Jerry Pez on eBay with the current highest bid at £178….. £178!!!!! Wow.

I can see this Pez lark being a bit of fun, picking them up here and there. But you won't be catching me bidding on that aforementioned bad boy that's for sure.








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