She’s All About

This week the top knotted tinker is all about mixing up her basics.


I love nothing better than a slouchy t or vest top with some cut offs for comfort in the summer months. I applied the same train of thought to the kids wardrobes as the weather heats up. As pretty as dresses are, Edie just can't get stuck in and play the same as she can when in some comfy clobber.


When clearing out the boys wardrobe earlier in the year I found some vests he'd grown out of. Bought in a multipack of grey and white (favouring the grey) from Sainsburys for £5 for 3. … Even less in their 25% off TU events. They're proving to be a great basic for Edie to team with shorts, skirts, leggings.


I'm seriously considering getting some a few sizes too big for her to wear with a belt as a cute basic dress.


Why not be creative with an item that's not even supposed to be seen.


You can get some awesome Iron On's to inject some real individuality if it's too plain for you. The Kid Who as ever have a great range, from quirky illustrators such as Mike Perry and Gamago from just £10 for a book full. They're a great way to make a basic exciting.


I'm fully embracing her in these basic vests using accessories like her beloved Beau Loves Cat Cap, and her Ju Ju Turquoise Jellies to give her look a punch of playfulness and colour. She's totally rocking it.






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