All About

This week, we're all, all about enjoying weekends and drinking in not only wine, and a lot of coffee, but these summers while the little ones are just that. Little.


Enjoying the simple things, some time to chill out, daddy leaving the laptop at home and just enjoying each other's company.


So at the beginning of the week we booked up a weekend in Cornwall, I know how rock and roll are we! a few days later, a packed car, a treacherous 7 hour drive…Glastonbury, superb planning on our part… Rain, storms and headline news of an armed man on the loose 10 minutes from us. It seemed like a ridiculous idea, I was reconsidering this act of spontaniety.

This morning the kids excited, the boy fishing with his dad, a long anticipated coffee and a man now arrested.




And enjoy the view.








Is All About

This week the boy is all about beginning to make his own shopping decisions.


This is a new phenomenon to me. Ordinarily I buy stuff. They wear said stuff. I Instagram the sh*t out of it.


Now. I buy stuff. He protests it's not blue or red or hasn't enough dinosaurs on it. We have a stand off.

Vest – Hello Apparel Kids – Southwood Stores (only uk stockist)

Shorts – Zara


I want him to feel comfortable, enjoy what he's wearing. At the same time I like to see him in certain things and I enjoy buying them things I know they'll look good in. Shallow? Maybe. But it makes me happy.


Last week I took him to Zara shocker for some more shorts, I gave him a choice of 3 pairs… I'm still holding the cards but allowing him to make the final decision. Happy with this compromise he chose these soft lightweight shorts that he LOVES because he “chose them all by himself”.


He's 4, and as much as I want him to have his own voice. I'm not ready to hand over full wardrobe control just yet.


Have a stubborn toddler that refuses to wear anything but peppa pig every.day. ? Maybe try this tactic. Let me know how you get on you lovely lot!







Is All About

This week the top knotted tinker is all about featuring on the 'Street Look' section of MilK Magazine online.


We were stopped by a lovely lady on a walk to the beach on our honeymoon at The Sani Resort in Greece for a brief chat about kids style and soft gallery gorgeousness. I'm not gonna lie. Was a honeymoon highlight for me!


I love the vibrancy of MilK Magazine, and have followed their fabulous Instagram feed for a long time.


You can subscribe to English print copies through their website, the google translation is enough to get you through though for now.


Here she is ….. In all her 'can I go to the beach now mummy please' grumpy ness . She's awesome.












The Boy Is All About

This week the boy has been all about his fast growing Pez collection.


Ok I confess, I may have squealed a little in excitement when we found the black angry bird we've been looking for since he got his first one… That's now missing a beak. Am I feeding the obsession by buying them for him? Sure. But if these little plastic sweet dispensers give us a Mother Son moment of giggles and excitement it's the best £2-3 I could think to spend.



He only has 5 or 6 so far but he's a big fan. Each one is from a day out, as a 'well done in swimming' gesture, or just for the hell of it. We've been buying some for friends as parts of a birthday present here and there too.


We were looking through @dailypez 's Instagram feed, just brilliant! and now my Mum in America is in on the act, keeping her eyes peeled for some a little different.


There are serious Pez collectors out there. Forums, websites, shops dedicated to these little guys. I stumbled across a rare Tom & Jerry Pez on eBay with the current highest bid at £178….. £178!!!!! Wow.

I can see this Pez lark being a bit of fun, picking them up here and there. But you won't be catching me bidding on that aforementioned bad boy that's for sure.








I’m All About

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a well loved denim shirt if mine finally gave up the ghost.


And so, this week I've been all about replacing the old with the new.


On my quest with iPad in hand, I found some beauts on the high street to tempt you to fill any denim shirt shape spaces in your wardrobe.


Keep your eyes peeled for some mid season sales.


This All Saints Number is reduced from £88 to £61.50.


Whistles haven't got a huge range of denim, but when they do it, they do it beautifully.


Good ol' trusty Zara have this distressed beaut for £39.


New Look have a good range with prices starting at just £16.
H&M have a few in different washes, I'd never have thought this beaut was only £19.99.
I went for a Topshop option at £32, a combination of impatience, taking advantage of a quick shop with a cooperative sleeping toddler in tow.
Loving how soft this Moto shirt is. Normal service is resumed.



She’s All About

This week the top knotted tinker is all about mixing up her basics.


I love nothing better than a slouchy t or vest top with some cut offs for comfort in the summer months. I applied the same train of thought to the kids wardrobes as the weather heats up. As pretty as dresses are, Edie just can't get stuck in and play the same as she can when in some comfy clobber.


When clearing out the boys wardrobe earlier in the year I found some vests he'd grown out of. Bought in a multipack of grey and white (favouring the grey) from Sainsburys for £5 for 3. … Even less in their 25% off TU events. They're proving to be a great basic for Edie to team with shorts, skirts, leggings.


I'm seriously considering getting some a few sizes too big for her to wear with a belt as a cute basic dress.


Why not be creative with an item that's not even supposed to be seen.


You can get some awesome Iron On's to inject some real individuality if it's too plain for you. The Kid Who as ever have a great range, from quirky illustrators such as Mike Perry and Gamago from just £10 for a book full. They're a great way to make a basic exciting.


I'm fully embracing her in these basic vests using accessories like her beloved Beau Loves Cat Cap, and her Ju Ju Turquoise Jellies to give her look a punch of playfulness and colour. She's totally rocking it.