Little Crumbs

Living Arrows

Every week I look through the links on I Heart Snapping's fabulous Living Arrows project…. But not every week I get around to linking up myself…. Note to self –


So here's my Living Arrows offering.


Edie would nap curled up in towels on the sunloungers under huge parasols while on the beach on our honeymoon last week. So that her big brother could carry on his fun in the sun. Whilst sat with her I noticed how much her hair had lightened in the sun.. And how still since she was born, she has a dark streak under her fringe. I want to remember that streak forever.


And then our carefree boy who drank in every minute of that week, in the water at EVERY opportunity tiring himself out until he was ready to drop, not wanting to miss a single moment. No cares in the world. This boy melts my heart.

Join in with Living Arrows or just head on over to I Heart Snapping ,see what they're up to. They really are a lovely bunch of ladies!



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