Swimwear For The Little People

So the holiday summer season shopping is in full swing. I feel lately I'm single handedly keeping Zara in business updating our wardrobes for the sunshine.


Next on the list was swimwear for the kids. The boy a fan of anything Dino, superhero, car, truck and tiger related he's pretty easily pleased. Where I do struggle however is with the little top knotted tinker that is my daughter.


WHAT is with the teeny bikinis that are merely shrunk versions if what 19 year olds are parading around Ibiza in??


A teeny triangle leopard print string number on my 2yr old …. Urrrm no thanks.


This beauty has popped up on many an IG feed I'm sure, when the first Mini Rodini spring summer drop came through this sold out in light speed. At £30.00 and the boys shorts at £18.00 there are still a few around and about online.


Here are a few other cool finds I'm a bit in love with ….

Mini Rodini's swimwear is ridiculously fab and playful this summer.



At only £8-£10 this seaside print from the Little Bird range in Mothercare is adorable.
And more for the boys …


Love this puffin print from Hackett, and the Dino theme is a grown up twist for a young Dino fan.




… Not for the faint hearted these animal print wetsuits, available in Giraffe (as shown) Cow, Tiger and Zebra print.


And what did we go for? A striped short trunk for the camera shy boy from John Lewis and Edie will be rocking this little Mini Rodini number …
Happy Shopping For The Sunshine!



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