Mummy Fashion

Lycra…. I’m sorry I haven’t called.

It was circa 2008 that Lycra and I agreed we would part ways. It just wasn't good for either of us anymore.


Thereafter came years of family holidays to Cornwall. It was fine. We didn't need to rekindle anything. British summers meant cut offs and slouchy Ts were doing the job and so we didn't miss each other's company.


And then Mr G booked our honeymoon. To Greece. Now Greece, … As I understand it… Gets hot. Swimwear required kinda hot.


Que joining bootcamp, a valiant effort to shed the baby tummy so I can catch up with my old pal.


We leave in 4 weeks. S***T … 4 chuffin weeks. *puts down curly wurly*.


I know, I know I rave on about how you should have the confidence to not give a hoot blah, blah. alas like every woman if they're reaaaaaallly honest I want to feel better, trimmer, comfortable. Ordinarily if Mr G sees me in anything equally revealing it's while I'm pegging it to launch myself under the duvet before he has time to blink. I want to enjoy the holiday, and I won't if I'm sweltering in cover ups or surgically attached to a towel.


I've had a browse online for some holiday essentials, I even ordered this …



And then I returned it.


I think to feel comfortable in any form of swimwear I need to cover up just a little bit more than the above. It's a piece of mind thing. That after baby problem area that my dear chum Jo fondly calls your 'fanny apron' has outstayed it's welcome, but dosn't get the hint.


I stumbled across this in the latest Red Mag. Oooh. I thought, not a style I'd considered, practically a one piece, but a little cheekier. I like.




And so, I've been on a Pinning frenzy to find a little number to fit the bill as a 30 something, mum of 2, an average size 12.


Nothing obscene, nothing you'd find in Millets


… Lattice bikinis??? Have you seen them?! They're a thing… Apparently …. Really?? My arse would look like it's being shoved through a betterware egg slicer!


You relate?? If you're looking for something you can wear with confidence, that carries a bit of your personal style but is still practical for messing around in the pool with the kids.

Take a look at my Pinterest board for some of my favourite finds for inspiration.



You'll find Stripes, Florals, Prints, Geometrics,

Bikinis, One Pieces, High Waisted, something for everyone and my thoughts on how to wear them


Happy a Shopping You Lovely Lot.