Little Crumbs

Lil Stylers App

Last year I heard about a new app that was by all accounts right up my street. At the time I was in the honeymoon stage of my full blown love affair with IG..which is ongoing.

So Another photo sharing app. Really???


Curious, I had a sneaky peek at Lil' Stylers. An app focussing on children's style, fashion, trends and brands. I'm really liking it, it's a grower. So I'm sharing it with you…



Reviewed to rival Instagram or Pinterest, it's still relatively early days for Lil' Stylers. It holds it's own, however as it's aimed at children's style in particular. I'm not sure it will reach out to the same number of users as Instagram and Pinterest.


Very similar to Instagram in many respects, the ability to like, comment and share images you love. But also allowing you to tag, or view tags of brands and labels of the clothing you've featured using their directory as well adding any brands not already listed, for instance, new independent brands.


Your profile allows you to see notifications of likes, comments, any news from the Lil' Stylers team, brands and publications you follow. You can search for new users, view users suggested to you and see what's trending.



This app has introduced me to some beautiful brands, wonderfully talented stylists and photographers. I adore Jumina's profile. I searched for the Norwegian brand from seeing their pieces featured in a Babiekins issue, the images and styling are just stunning.





For each brand or publication's profile, they're clearly marked with a smiling bag icon to identify them as such. With just 2 clicks you can be on their website. … Some self control and debit card restraint is required here!


I've still some work to do tweaking my profile, and have some summer outfits I'm looking forward to loading up. I'm getting hooked!


As a user of the app, I often receive emails of news, asking for feedback and comments. The team at Lil' Stylers, it would seem are very keen to listen to their users and take on board any comments that could improve it for the fast growing community of users.



You are able to tailor your security settings, and clearly outlined in the ettiquette of using the app on their website safeguarding the images of children is paramount to the team at Lil' Stylers. It goes without saying if you're sharing images of your children through social media, please be sensible.


Up your street?


Search for Lil' Stylers on the App Store, look me up and let me know what you think you lovely lot!





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