Mummy Fashion

What I Wore To Become A Mrs …

There's nothing like a string of beautiful IG comments from wonderful people to put a smile on your face.


Everyone's been so lovely, supportive and complimentary since we eloped. Thank you.


Just typing the word makes me chuckle with a mischievous naughty giggle.


I've had a few of you ask where certain pieces were from, so here's what I wore to get wed …





Fine Knit with gold back zip and gathered collar detail reduced to £9.00 – Zara (no longer in stock)


Wacoal Nude Lace Camisole £51.00 – John Lewis – the picture on the website simply doesn't do this justice, it's beautiful, delicate and so warm.


Vintage Tan Leather Gloves £5.00 eBay. … I didn't wear these for any pictures unfortunately, but I do love them, they're so dainty…



'That' SATC Paris episode is one of my all time favourites pieces of TV. Ever. If I couldn't stretch to a Dior I wanted to channel a little Carrie with a Tutu style skirt.


After all, If you can't go all out girlie on your wedding day, when can you?


Soft Tulle Hand Made Skirt, Anjou, Etsy £85.00 inc shipping. Various lengths / colours available, priced per style. She was ridiculously amazing at getting this shipped out to me in super record time, time was something I didn't have a lot of, and I'm super grateful.


I'll absolutely wear this skirt again. A denim shirt, metallic heels and oversize clutch. Or with a camisole and an oversize chunky knit. Delicious.



Christian Louboutin Heels a gift from Mr G a few Christmas' ago


Garter, handmade as a gift from a beautiful friend using her grandmothers vintage lace and ribbon, finished with a dainty broach.



I used a handful of Kirby grips to hold my hair back slightly and finished it with this Birdcage Veil, Parisienne Luxe – Etsy £35.00.



Statement Necklace – EBay £7.00 … This was a really last minute decision.



1950's Vintage Tissot Cocktail Watch, a gift from Mr G last birthday.

Pearl Bracelet – Part of a set as a gift from my Mum and Step Dad for my 30th.

Studs – A gift from my elder sister when I was her bridesmaid.

All of these pieces however small, mean a lot to me.



Flowers, Skipps Florist, Biggleswade £30.00
All Finished with a navy Zara Blazer, I already owned from last spring.
And finally, the night before I was suprised with this beauty. The perfect finishing touch.
And there you have it. I'll leave you with a few wedding snaps …
Next up…. The kiddo's get up.











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