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What Sarah did

What did Sarah do?…

Well 3 years ago Sarah opened a gorgeous little boutique in the market town of Hitchin. In a climate where small business' are being eaten alive by the big boys, Sarah's is thriving. I'd put this down to her savvy, her style, her merchandising and smart use of social media to give her loyal client base little tasters of new lines.

From the latest Ash high tops, killer heels, glam frocks to chunky slouchy knits there really is something for everyone. Pieces that appeal to various age ranges as a 30 something mum I can shop alongside a girl in her late teens and not feel intimidated or like I've got lost! Not an easy balance to achieve, but Sarah does, and very well with a welcoming atmosphere and with Sarah happy to offer her professional styling tips and tricks it makes for a great shopping experience.

…. There's even a seat for him.

Failing that, daddy can take the kids to a cute soft play cafe a couple of doors down so your free to take your time and try things on without interruption. Everyone's a winner!

With WSd a big part of my wardrobe I caught up with Sarah to find out a little more and share a little WSd with you all….

What Sarah did has recently celebrated it's 3rd birthday, you must feel hugely proud of what you've achieved so far, Has it always been a dream of yours to have you're own boutique?

It has always been a dream of mine to have my own business & my styling side of things started this off before I opened WSd at the not so tender age of 40! I just knew that if I were to do it, I had to do now or I never would!

By combining my styling secrets with the latest trends & bringing the huge world of fashion to my ladies, I created a lifestyle space rather than just a run of the mill fashion store.

I've seen through your Facebook some gorgeous pieces for this season, any particular favourites?

WSd is continually evolving & I feel now the brands I have really do reflect the here & now that is wearable by all ages.

This season I love all the shoes from Moda in Pelle, particularly the Danaya heels featured below.

Oooh they're delicious!

Mink Pink & Vero Moda always come up trumps every season & I always make sure I buy with my customer in mind rather than generically. This shows & I've had a great response to the season already!

Blows me away how much you all like what I'm doing!

Social Media is such a huge part of life these days, have you noticed it's affected shopping habits these last few years?

Social Media is indeed a huge part of my business. Some say I'm addicted! I am up at 6am posting something I'm excited about & even late into the night I'm replying to customer orders or questions on styling or stock availability.

It's 24/7 but I love it!

Spending habits dictate that I need to continue this mantra of showing my world to my angels. I get so excited about new deliveries & a new way to style up my outfits that I just HAVE to share!

It really does work too! One T Shirt I posted up on Friday sold out in just 12hrs!!

Wow! I do love seeing what you have in and how you put pieces together, you have a great Instagram feed,

If you could put together a gorgeous, practical ensemble for the school run, what pieces would you choose?

Sport luxe: Vero Moda Matata top. Loose yet not one bit drowning your body shape. Candy boyfriend jeans. Slimmer in the leg & most definitely more flattering than some around, these are super comfortable! Rains are the brand for a fab mac or anorak… Well it's rained a lot lately & you may as well look stylish as well as remain dry! Add in the Ash wedge python Bisou trainers.. Leg lengthening & undeniably comfortable.

Drop the kids at school & shop 'till you drop in these babies!

Or this! Mink Pink cute shell top. Yes you can wear it.. You know you can.. Vero Moda infamous Wonder Jegging super skinnies, any of this season's Beck Sönder Gaard leather bags -they're to die for- & Moda In Pelle Frillies tassle pumps… Any colour works here.

Show your personality. Both cool & both bang on it & worthy of so much more than the school run.

I want the lot! I have a couple of pairs of the wonder jeggings they are ridiculously comfortable and hold their colour so well.

I bet your boys love having such a stylish mum! Do you think what you do has influenced the way they appreciate design and individual style?

I have 3 boys. 18, 16 & 11.. I hope they do like that I love fashion. Their girlfriends certainly do!! The boys haven't yet said otherwise so I hope they are not embarrassed that I'd walk in to school in a electric blue sequin skirt or cycle in a bright orange pea coat!

All 3 have very different personalities & therefore I encourage them to dress accordingly. They have very individual styles & I love this… They are the coolest dudes around & I'm very proud to be their mummatron!

Awww that's gorgeous. I'm sure they're immensely proud of you.

So Sarah, you're a Mum, Businesswoman, Stylist and Blogger, that's some plate spinning. Want to share your secret?

WSd is like being inside my head! Even down to the quirky props & the mix of brands. It's who I am!! It encompasses every inch of my life & I'm very lucky that my family work with that & that you all like what I'm doing!

I'm ridiculously organised at home & here at WSd too, especially as I don't drive so I guess I just do what I do best & continually stretch myself to bring you something new & to evolve my little business to the next level…

Some things work & others not so much but hey that's the beauty of life! Just to see my army of angels smile when they feel & look amazing is worth every sleepless night, spreadsheet headache, working 7 day weeks & very apparent lack of nice holiday. I thrive on this & my boys see & understand this. I'm so very grateful.

I burst with excitement with every new project/collaboration, season & new era.

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me Sarah and sharing you're gorgeous shop with us. You're all kinds of awesome!

I'd like to thank you all for your continued loyalty & support. It really does mean the world to me. It puts an even brighter fire in my belly to make WSd go from strength to strength. Thank you xx

If you haven't paid Sarah a visit, please pop in and say hi! What Sarah did is on 4-5 Bancroft, Hitchin SG5 1JQ.

Or fancy organising a girly get together? A birthday treat, Mother's Day or a classy little hen do. Get in touch with Sarah to arrange a personal shopping evening, shopping fun with WSd all to yourselves and Sarah on hand to advise. Perfect!

Follow Sarah on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and keep your eyes peeled for exciting things happening for WSd later this year.

Happy Shopping you lovely lot!.



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Mothers Day … Under £40

Mother's Day is just next week and it goes without saying I adore the home made cards perhaps a little bunch of tulips but a little treat from the Mr to say 'good work misses' is always lovely.


I've rounded up a few token gift ideas ALL under £40 …

If you're a fella reading this… She's left this page open for a reason… So grab a pen and jot these down …


Dungarees – Zara
Wear these with heels, vest top and statement necklace for dinner with the girls. Brogues or pumps and a slouchy t for the school run. I love them!


Necklace available in different colour ways – Southwood Stores


Palms T Shirt – All Saints

Candle – Hush


Matt & Natt Vegan friendly, beautifully soft wallets available in different colour ways and styles from What Sarah Did.



Or, how about a girls night out. Caitlin Moran is touring with 'how to build a girl' limited dates are still available.


Happy Mother's Day you lovely lot! Enjoy x



Little Crumbs

Lil Stylers App

Last year I heard about a new app that was by all accounts right up my street. At the time I was in the honeymoon stage of my full blown love affair with IG..which is ongoing.

So Another photo sharing app. Really???


Curious, I had a sneaky peek at Lil' Stylers. An app focussing on children's style, fashion, trends and brands. I'm really liking it, it's a grower. So I'm sharing it with you…



Reviewed to rival Instagram or Pinterest, it's still relatively early days for Lil' Stylers. It holds it's own, however as it's aimed at children's style in particular. I'm not sure it will reach out to the same number of users as Instagram and Pinterest.


Very similar to Instagram in many respects, the ability to like, comment and share images you love. But also allowing you to tag, or view tags of brands and labels of the clothing you've featured using their directory as well adding any brands not already listed, for instance, new independent brands.


Your profile allows you to see notifications of likes, comments, any news from the Lil' Stylers team, brands and publications you follow. You can search for new users, view users suggested to you and see what's trending.



This app has introduced me to some beautiful brands, wonderfully talented stylists and photographers. I adore Jumina's profile. I searched for the Norwegian brand from seeing their pieces featured in a Babiekins issue, the images and styling are just stunning.





For each brand or publication's profile, they're clearly marked with a smiling bag icon to identify them as such. With just 2 clicks you can be on their website. … Some self control and debit card restraint is required here!


I've still some work to do tweaking my profile, and have some summer outfits I'm looking forward to loading up. I'm getting hooked!


As a user of the app, I often receive emails of news, asking for feedback and comments. The team at Lil' Stylers, it would seem are very keen to listen to their users and take on board any comments that could improve it for the fast growing community of users.



You are able to tailor your security settings, and clearly outlined in the ettiquette of using the app on their website safeguarding the images of children is paramount to the team at Lil' Stylers. It goes without saying if you're sharing images of your children through social media, please be sensible.


Up your street?


Search for Lil' Stylers on the App Store, look me up and let me know what you think you lovely lot!




Ramblings ...

Living Arrows

It's been a while since I joined in with this lovely link up through I Heart Snapping.


An opportunity to capture a 'moment'.


This little one idolises his father, and rightly so, he's an amazing man, we're ridiculously lucky to have him.



On a Sunday night he has a shave ready for his start to the working week, and this Sunday a little man wanted to join in and ask a lot of questions.


Technically not fantastic, but a memory made. Love my boys.





Mummy Fashion

What I Wore To Become A Mrs …

There's nothing like a string of beautiful IG comments from wonderful people to put a smile on your face.


Everyone's been so lovely, supportive and complimentary since we eloped. Thank you.


Just typing the word makes me chuckle with a mischievous naughty giggle.


I've had a few of you ask where certain pieces were from, so here's what I wore to get wed …





Fine Knit with gold back zip and gathered collar detail reduced to £9.00 – Zara (no longer in stock)


Wacoal Nude Lace Camisole £51.00 – John Lewis – the picture on the website simply doesn't do this justice, it's beautiful, delicate and so warm.


Vintage Tan Leather Gloves £5.00 eBay. … I didn't wear these for any pictures unfortunately, but I do love them, they're so dainty…



'That' SATC Paris episode is one of my all time favourites pieces of TV. Ever. If I couldn't stretch to a Dior I wanted to channel a little Carrie with a Tutu style skirt.


After all, If you can't go all out girlie on your wedding day, when can you?


Soft Tulle Hand Made Skirt, Anjou, Etsy £85.00 inc shipping. Various lengths / colours available, priced per style. She was ridiculously amazing at getting this shipped out to me in super record time, time was something I didn't have a lot of, and I'm super grateful.


I'll absolutely wear this skirt again. A denim shirt, metallic heels and oversize clutch. Or with a camisole and an oversize chunky knit. Delicious.



Christian Louboutin Heels a gift from Mr G a few Christmas' ago


Garter, handmade as a gift from a beautiful friend using her grandmothers vintage lace and ribbon, finished with a dainty broach.



I used a handful of Kirby grips to hold my hair back slightly and finished it with this Birdcage Veil, Parisienne Luxe – Etsy £35.00.



Statement Necklace – EBay £7.00 … This was a really last minute decision.



1950's Vintage Tissot Cocktail Watch, a gift from Mr G last birthday.

Pearl Bracelet – Part of a set as a gift from my Mum and Step Dad for my 30th.

Studs – A gift from my elder sister when I was her bridesmaid.

All of these pieces however small, mean a lot to me.



Flowers, Skipps Florist, Biggleswade £30.00
All Finished with a navy Zara Blazer, I already owned from last spring.
And finally, the night before I was suprised with this beauty. The perfect finishing touch.
And there you have it. I'll leave you with a few wedding snaps …
Next up…. The kiddo's get up.