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We Eloped!

For some years we've talked about getting married Mr G and I. It's something that as the children came along grew more important to me. I really wanted to be Mr G's wife. To wear a ring on my finger, to have that bit of paper.


The fuss, attention, the big dress, the table plan stress of family politics and the sleepless nights of list writing and wedding talk I wasn't keen. Other brides weddings, fab, I'll happily look at table arrangements talk invitations all night. But it wasn't for us.


When Mr G suggested Gretna Green as an option, just a few weeks ago. I laughed. In his face. I know, romantic right! I totally thought he was joking.


He went on to tell me how he'd called, enquired, got quotes and dates how he'd been thinking about it for a while, how romantic it could be, how all he wanted was the children around us and for me to leave as his wife. I was sold. The history of Gretna Green is fascinating, the romance of the stories linked to The Old Blacksmith Shop is beautiful, and we were excited to be a part of that.


A form signed and birth certificates in the post a few days later we had a date. Monday 24th February at 1.30.


We asked 2 special friends if they'd join us with their son as our witnesses and I went on an Etsy shopping frenzy, looking for an outfit that had elements I'd wear again, I wanted to look like a bride, but be comfortable.


Family relationships can be complicated, to keep things simple we thought we'd do this for ourselves, be selfish for the day and enjoy the moment with our children. A wedding that was about us as a family of 4.


It was exactly what we'd hoped for, relaxed, light hearted, simple, fuss free but memorable, an afternoon filled of giggles, champagne and good friends.



The reaction since we've got home now the news has done the rounds has been mixed, on the main very supportive with lots of well wishes.



Eloping isn't for everyone, this wedding was our wedding we loved it and we're looking forward to married life. Together. As a family.








8 thoughts on “We Eloped!

  1. Donna it’s such great news. I’m really happy for you that you are finally Mrs T! You’ve moved one up the alphabet.

    You look absolutely stunning, the dress is gorgeous and snap Jess, what accessories did you go for?!

    The kids look adorable too.

    Such a special day, without the stress and bill. Why didn’t I think of this?? Haha xx

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