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A Ramble Where I’m Feeling A Bit Lovey Dovey

It's almost Valentines, I know this because I got slapped in the face with a sea of Pink heart shaped everything in John Lewis this weekend.


I'm not a real fan of pink.


I am however a bit of a hopeless romantic.


I totally and utterly believe in things happening for a reason, that there is someone for everyone, fate and countless other cliches.


This coming valentines, I thought I'd share the story on how we got together, … I love hearing how couples got together.


I've known Mr G for about 17 years altogether, a friend of a friend our paths would cross now and again but not often. Roll forward 9 years and I had my defining year. In the space of 4 months a 7 year relationship ended, badly. My confidence, trust in people and self esteem on the floor. My parents divorced, I lost my grandad suddenly and my mum moved on to start a new life in America. I had to find somewhere to live.


I'm not telling you this in a 'woe is me' kinda fashion. I'm just putting into perspective how when it's raining it's pouring and you're left questioning everything friends rally round and you have to teach yourself how to pick yourself up.


Mr G was working away and hardly home, he offered through our mutual friends for me to rent a room from him while I waited for my new flat to be built. I accepted.


When the confirmation came through my flat was ready it was exciting, scary and disappointing all at the same time. I'd miss G being around. He took me out to Dinner to celebrate but it didn't feel like friends grabbing a bite to eat. He'd made a real effort, it was a beautiful restaurant there was pink champagne…. Now there's a pink I do like… There was chemistry, It felt like a date and I was petrified.


I totally wish I'd relaxed and enjoyed the summer months that followed more, instead of doubting my self worth, feeling scared out of my wits about going to restaurants with far too much cutlery than I was used to.


G was a total gent.


Older, wiser, mature carrying the most attractive trait in that he'd got all 'that' out of his system, he knew what he wanted in life, he worked hard, he had goals, he was open, honest hilariously funny and ridiculously patient with me. He completely swept me off my feet. Summer evenings punting in Cambridge with champagne and strawberries. Cooking for me. Choosing to spend time just doing nothing with me as opposed to going out on weekend benders with the boys.


Fast forward 4 months, he asks me to move back in. I threw caution to the wind and gave up my flat. Shopping for cushions, throws, plants. He made every effort to ensure I felt at home, safe and equal.


He is the most sincere, wonderful man I've ever known. He's an amazing father to our children and we're ridiculously lucky to have him in our lives. We bicker rather than argue, then we laugh it off. Our personalities compliment each other. Were a fab little team.


Fancy sharing how you met yours? Comment with a link below I love a good love story me!










3 thoughts on “A Ramble Where I’m Feeling A Bit Lovey Dovey

  1. Aww x what a romantic chap you bagged yourself there 😉 mine struggles on the romantic side… I think we juts met too young! At 19, the sert-menu at local chinese restaurant is about as good as it gets! lol x But I loved it all the same. Fast forward several (cough) years and we are off to Venice for a Valentines week minus toddler! If that isn’t romantic then I don’t know what is! :)))) x

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