Mummy Fashion

Want , Need , Wear , Read … For Us Grown Up Girls

Following on from the kiddies take on Want, Need, Wear, Read. I thought I'd do a list of my own.


The procedure for making these a reality on Christmas morning, can be found here ladies.



When I stumble across something I LOVE I obsess over it, nothing else could possibly work in my wardrobe without it. It's a weakness of mine.


And for these I've fallen hard.*swoons*

Prada Acetate Cat Eye Sunglasses, £275, Net A Porter, also available in a pink colour way.

'Me time' isn't something mums of young ones get in abundance, teething, colds, night feeds. Don't worry girls Hush have answered those prayers from the depths of your 4th coffee of the morning.
With some beautiful gift sets, at all budgets there's something for everyone. Thoughtfully put together, the Mr could chose any of them and I would be over the moon.
Some time to cosy up and enjoy some me time one afternoon makes my top choice for 'need'.
Me Time Gift Set £37, Hush. Sets range from £35 – £125 for sets with beautiful cashmere, or top of the range dresses. There are even a few sets for the Mr too.
This Me + Em dress I've had my eye on for a while, with heels for the evening or hi tops, chunky knit scarf and a biker during the day it's a winner. £118, in Forest Green.
Teamed with this from Southwood Stores would make a perfect Christmas Day outfit… In other news check out the stationery and homewares here too….
There are magazines I've barely read lately, let alone book so I've twisted this theme to be books that I'll read back and contribute to.
When lil dude arrived I would update his 'baby book' every week, 2nd time around mmmm not so much. More than anything I want the children to grow up confident, happy and secure in their own skin. If this book encourages me to pass on notes of wisdom to them especially in a society where children are so vulnerable to image hang ups at such an early age. that can't be a bad thing.

One thing that's a running joke in our house is my notepad and pen by the bed for scrawling things I don't want to forget in the morning, from ideas for new posts to remembering to take the meat out the freezer.
This book has my name written all over it.
Notebook £10.95 Handpicked Collection (as above).
Done your wish list to Santa yet? Tweet me or find me on IG show me your Want, Need,Wear, Read choices, I'd love to see.
Enjoy this run up to Christmas you lovely lot!





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