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Spend Safely

Bit of a serious sentiment to this post you lovely lot…. Stay with me.

Last Christmas morning Mr G gave me a big heavy box to open. I knew it was them. I could smell them I had been saving for a pair for months rarer than rocking horse poo he'd got me a pair of these…all my Christmas' had come at once.


I asked him just HOW the chuffin hell he'd found a pair, as they'd been out of stock for an eternity.


'Mmm yeah, there's a story there”… He went on to explain how a few weeks before Christmas he googled Ash biker boots, logged onto the website, selected the boots he knew I was champing at the bit for, in my size parted with £380. Gift sorted.


A week or so later, he took delivery at his work of 'the boots' they were awful. Just a bland pair of tan boots. Nothing like the Ash boots he'd ordered. He went through his emails. The penny dropped when the confirmation, lost in his spam folder didn't look as you'd expect. He called the company. Number not in use. After a bit more digging, he confirmed he'd been ripped off. Some dodgy operation in china. Fantastic. Merry bloody Christmas!


He called his bank, there was nothing they could do. Clearly proven fraudulent behaviour but as he'd paid on his DEBIT card, not on his CREDIT card, he was unprotected. No refund. Sorry.


Bless his heart, he took a day off work, hopped on a train to London to collect a pair at The Ash Store, Chelsea he'd reserved over the phone.


We sold the rip off boots on eBay for £50, the actual Ash boots that cost double what they should luckily are like my second skin. I love them. I love him even more for the lengths he went to to make me happy Christmas morning. He's all kinds of awesome.


The lesson here this festive season, is. If you're buying from a website for the first time, if it's an item you know is hard to get hold of, but this website seems to have them in abundance. If it's too good to be true, it most probably is. If it just dosnt feel right, don't do it.


Take a moment to check where you stand in your consumer rights online through The Money that shouty Martin Lewis however annoying he is, he knows his stuff. Spending a large sum from, use your credit card so that you're protected under Section 75 of The Credit Consumer Act …. and then pay it off immediately.


There are so many replica websites that for a tiny typo in the address it was almost identical. We reported this incident to Ash.


Mr G is not naive and the wool can't easily be pulled over his eyes. He was so frustrated as was I, that this had happened to him, but it did, and could to anyone.


I don't want to scare anyone, just please be cautious when shopping online, and remember, too good to be true? …. It's probably some dodgy operation in china shipping out knock offs at your expense.





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