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Another Year ….

2013 is drawing to a close, it's gone by so fast. This little blog has organically grown over this last year into something I'm really enjoying and feel proud of. Along with the power of Twitter and Instagram 2013 introduced me to some incredible people, talented, inspirational and a blimmin' good giggle. I'm excited for what the next year can bring.


A few things I'm hoping for in 2014…..


A visit from my Mum in the states, it's been too long,

For the kiddies to suddenly realise just how amazing 8 hours sleep is!

To find new brands and shops to love,

To read more,

To apologise less.



Hoping 2014 brings you health, happiness and some fantastic buys in the January sales!

Happy New Year you lovely lot! *clinks a Kir Royale* ….. Start the year as you mean to go on & all that









Mummy Fashion

Christmas Do? Going out, out?

So, the Mr comes home and drops the bomb that his Christmas do is THIS weekend, and you want to go. You also want to treat yourself to something new but Toys R Us and alike have robbed you blind these coming weeks getting everything ready for Santa to go and take all the glory!


Allow me misses, I've only gone and had a cheeky browse on your behalf ….. I know, I love you too.


So. If like me you don't go out out often, the thought of spending £80 + on a albeit beautiful dress you'll probably wear again … urrrrm never. Isn't money well spent.



How about working a few basics, dress them up, feel comfortable but look Uh.Maze.Ing. It's all in the accessories and working with what you already have teaming them up with a new purchase to see you through more than just 1 night out.



But, really want a dress?…


This Topshop number is a flattering cut for all shapes and sizes, there is limited stock left in the navy but they also had it in a blush… Luuuurvly with plum heels….green and also a cream. A bit of a one trick pony but at £20 it's not the end of the world if it sits in the wardrobe for a while. In a classic shape VERY similar to the LK Bennett Marina dress at £225 a pop. A pretty good option I'd say.
Dresses not your bag?
I get that, I'm a size bigger on the bottom than I am on the top and fitted dresses fill me with spanx dread.
Alas, all hail the skirt of the season, the midi length is ridiculously flattering, exposing that section of the calf and ankle that in heels looks classy and sexy at the same time, not an easy task.
ASOS have a fantastic range, to fit all budgets. These are 2 of my favourites. I'd wear them with a blouse, and a statement necklace, or keep it simple with a stunning loose cami, chunky cardie and delicate jewellery.
Would also look gorgeous with a loose t shirt, from American Apparel alternatively browse in Zara and H&M for reasonably priced basics in a huge range of colours. Think understated sexy, look at your shoes, bags you already have and work with those to bring shades and together, mix it up and see what works.
Accessorize have some lovely statement necklaces and collars, priced from the £20 mark. These also will look great to glam up a pair of jeans and a jumper for lunch with the girls.
Either of these skirts would look stunning during the day with chunky knits, blouses under sweaters and brogues or cute knee high boots.
Think of what you already have and if it could fit in with your everyday style, especially if you're going for the pricier leather options.
For the more body confident among you, try this little number using similar ideas to team it up. Think tight skirt loose top and vice versa. Less is more.
I'm going all out on a jumpsuit. My go to destination Zara had a beautiful low cut number, but it wasn't in stock when I came to order *sobs* so I'm thinking this will do just nicely, I ordered a size bigger and am glad I did as it's quite 'snug' round the bum and fitting looser around the top makes it drape nicely. With some chunky accessories, tuck in the tie waist or hidden behind a leopard print belt and teamed with my silver heels and red lips I'll be bopping away on my festive girls night on Saturday feeling comfortable and looking fab.
Then, with a jumper underneath (as worn here) or over the top, my trusty bikers or hi tops during the day, I'd say that's £25.99 well spent.
It's SO comfy, and has a lovely marble in the material, I'm hoping this will see my through to spring summer and look fab with flip flops.
Hope I've given you a few ideas and some inspiration. Tweet me your choices for the festive season I'd love to see what you're going for.
Happy shopping you lovely lot!



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Spend Safely

Bit of a serious sentiment to this post you lovely lot…. Stay with me.

Last Christmas morning Mr G gave me a big heavy box to open. I knew it was them. I could smell them I had been saving for a pair for months rarer than rocking horse poo he'd got me a pair of these…all my Christmas' had come at once.


I asked him just HOW the chuffin hell he'd found a pair, as they'd been out of stock for an eternity.


'Mmm yeah, there's a story there”… He went on to explain how a few weeks before Christmas he googled Ash biker boots, logged onto the website, selected the boots he knew I was champing at the bit for, in my size parted with £380. Gift sorted.


A week or so later, he took delivery at his work of 'the boots' they were awful. Just a bland pair of tan boots. Nothing like the Ash boots he'd ordered. He went through his emails. The penny dropped when the confirmation, lost in his spam folder didn't look as you'd expect. He called the company. Number not in use. After a bit more digging, he confirmed he'd been ripped off. Some dodgy operation in china. Fantastic. Merry bloody Christmas!


He called his bank, there was nothing they could do. Clearly proven fraudulent behaviour but as he'd paid on his DEBIT card, not on his CREDIT card, he was unprotected. No refund. Sorry.


Bless his heart, he took a day off work, hopped on a train to London to collect a pair at The Ash Store, Chelsea he'd reserved over the phone.


We sold the rip off boots on eBay for £50, the actual Ash boots that cost double what they should luckily are like my second skin. I love them. I love him even more for the lengths he went to to make me happy Christmas morning. He's all kinds of awesome.


The lesson here this festive season, is. If you're buying from a website for the first time, if it's an item you know is hard to get hold of, but this website seems to have them in abundance. If it's too good to be true, it most probably is. If it just dosnt feel right, don't do it.


Take a moment to check where you stand in your consumer rights online through The Money Expert.com that shouty Martin Lewis however annoying he is, he knows his stuff. Spending a large sum from, use your credit card so that you're protected under Section 75 of The Credit Consumer Act …. and then pay it off immediately.


There are so many replica websites that for a tiny typo in the address it was almost identical. We reported this incident to Ash.


Mr G is not naive and the wool can't easily be pulled over his eyes. He was so frustrated as was I, that this had happened to him, but it did, and could to anyone.


I don't want to scare anyone, just please be cautious when shopping online, and remember, too good to be true? …. It's probably some dodgy operation in china shipping out knock offs at your expense.




Mummy Fashion

Want , Need , Wear , Read … For Us Grown Up Girls

Following on from the kiddies take on Want, Need, Wear, Read. I thought I'd do a list of my own.


The procedure for making these a reality on Christmas morning, can be found here ladies.



When I stumble across something I LOVE I obsess over it, nothing else could possibly work in my wardrobe without it. It's a weakness of mine.


And for these I've fallen hard.*swoons*

Prada Acetate Cat Eye Sunglasses, £275, Net A Porter, also available in a pink colour way.

'Me time' isn't something mums of young ones get in abundance, teething, colds, night feeds. Don't worry girls Hush have answered those prayers from the depths of your 4th coffee of the morning.
With some beautiful gift sets, at all budgets there's something for everyone. Thoughtfully put together, the Mr could chose any of them and I would be over the moon.
Some time to cosy up and enjoy some me time one afternoon makes my top choice for 'need'.
Me Time Gift Set £37, Hush. Sets range from £35 – £125 for sets with beautiful cashmere, or top of the range dresses. There are even a few sets for the Mr too.
This Me + Em dress I've had my eye on for a while, with heels for the evening or hi tops, chunky knit scarf and a biker during the day it's a winner. £118, in Forest Green.
Teamed with this from Southwood Stores would make a perfect Christmas Day outfit… In other news check out the stationery and homewares here too….
There are magazines I've barely read lately, let alone book so I've twisted this theme to be books that I'll read back and contribute to.
When lil dude arrived I would update his 'baby book' every week, 2nd time around mmmm not so much. More than anything I want the children to grow up confident, happy and secure in their own skin. If this book encourages me to pass on notes of wisdom to them especially in a society where children are so vulnerable to image hang ups at such an early age. that can't be a bad thing.

One thing that's a running joke in our house is my notepad and pen by the bed for scrawling things I don't want to forget in the morning, from ideas for new posts to remembering to take the meat out the freezer.
This book has my name written all over it.
Notebook £10.95 Handpicked Collection (as above).
Done your wish list to Santa yet? Tweet me or find me on IG show me your Want, Need,Wear, Read choices, I'd love to see.
Enjoy this run up to Christmas you lovely lot!