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Blogfest ’13

Unless you've been in Twitter hiding you may have heard it was Mumsnet's Blogfest on Saturday 9th November. Should you follow me on Twitter you'll know an event I've been very much looking forward to. And I'm pleased to say, I wasn't disappointed.


Blogging for about a year or so, I'm fairly new to this blogging lark, but now I feel my little space in blogging land has grown organically into something I'm proud of, content I work hard on and topics that are me in a nutshell, I felt confident enough and had technical questions so wanted to do a conference.


Confident was when I bought my ticket. The night before the event I was crapping myself! Networking, is so far from my comfort zone it's ridiculous. But after a word with myself, a few chit chats on Twitter and through Mumsnet's forums I was at ease. It was such a fun, relaxed and social atmosphere … And there was cake. I tottered around tapping badges and meeting some fab ladies.


And so, my Blogfest 2013 in pictures …


Outfit decided the night before, heels, a brave move for a girl who lives in her biker boots. But heels give me confidence, I love metallics with boyfriend jeans, and actually they proved to be a great talking point, or got me recognised when meeting other bloggers.


A chuffin early start!! Mr G dropped me off at 6.30am ….. 6.30!


I found myself trying to play dominoes with the paving …. And managed to write a post, while waiting for my train. Winner.




Leaving the countryside for the big smoke, watching the sun come up on a eerily empty train was surprisingly liberating. My first day, for total self indulgence, a whole day just worrying about me in a very long time.


Ok so, I got a little lost. I printed a map… My phones shocking. I walked out of kings cross, I come to a building. Oh. This must be wrong, this is the offices for the Guardian. I know, I'll walk 40 minutes in a huge sodding circle. In heels. To get back where I started to realise I was in the right place after all. Thankfully I was still early. Pretty impressive considering I'd been such a Ditsy Pilok!

Anyhoo, I arrived, I signed in, got my tapping badge thing … Blendology, it's like something from mission impossible. Bloody amazing!.

I got coffee. I tweeted. Tweet comes up on the big tweety wall thing. Yey. It's going to be a good day.



And so, the hall filled. Let's do this.

A great opening session, chaired by Richard Bacon.

A mingle with the sponsors, for coca cola fun.


Followed a session that if I'm honest, danced a bit around the subject of getting paid for a blimmin good bit of writing. In true Brit style, the subject of money was hard work.

An informative, session about Social Media, with Paul Armstrong, witty, engaging and keen to share his knowledge.

… I missed a picture of lunch, I was too busy inhaling it! …. Here's a picture taken of me chatting with the sponsors. Coca Cola about monitoring your caffeine intake … With a strong coffee in hand. The irony. (Pic Mumsnet).


An inspiring session with some incredible writers. This is the session that sold me my ticket.


Lionel Srhiver wears pink wellies. Amazing.

From somewhere I got the balls to ask her to sign a copy of Kevin for me. *squeals*

To round up the day there was a debate about Feminism, can Mummy Bloggers still be feminists?. A few women were riled before the panel had even spoken. Personally I felt a few comments were lost in translation. I wasn't offended, as I hid my heels under my seat, women started to shout each other down. It wasn't pleasant.
Feminism is a subject that will always get women's hackles up. Twitter was bombarded with negative comments about the session, it's a shame as that single session overshadowed the day, which as a whole was incredibly well organised, informative, inspiring and exciting.
I'll be back next year. Thanks Mumsnet.










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