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Frying Pan Last Christmas?? …..

It's here girls, Christmas is looming, cue the switch from peppa pig to c beebies…. No toy adverts.... And the irrational need to clean every inch of the house including 'that' cupboard that hasn't been touched since you moved in, because y'know it's Christmas.


I'm admittedly ridiculously excited about Christmas this year, the little people being of an age where it's genuinely magic, but it's still a stressful time of year. If you're one of these Mummies that after all the running around like a loon spinning plates to ensure everyone has a wonderful time, you dread opening your stocking for fear of hideous underwear…in the wrong size…again. Or the most advanced in technology seen in the frying pan world.. You lucky girl you. Don't fret, Allow me to suggest a few tips and tricks to help that significant other get you what you really want, and to be blunt bloody well deserve this festive season…and the best bit, he'll probably think he came up with it all by himself.


I give you,



The most subtle of suggestion, an open magazine or catalogue strategically placed by the beer fridge or remote control. Left often enough in slightly different positions, it will gradually sink into his subconscious.


You can take this to the next level by getting a red pen and circling the desired item. It's probably for the best…. Just in case said page also has a sandwich toaster on it. Boys can be easily confused.




Leaving the internet on the iPad or laptop open on a website of your choice…even better where you've clicked on the exact item and size guide…with the curser left in a strategic position.


When he picks it up every night for the week he'll soon get the message that this year a steam iron just won't cut it.




Ok, Let's take it up a gear, leave a catalogue or tear a page out of a magazine, even print a picture off with sizes and colour choices and pop it in his briefcase / laptop bag / lunch box.


“Oh, that, it must've fallen in there by accident”,






Not for the faint hearted, so make it count girls. A direct email with a definitive list of preferences 1-3.





You can put icing on the cake with this one with unsubtle hints of just how much of a lucky boy Santa would be…with 2 nocturnal toddlers in our house it would be a Christmas miracle in our house, but the power of suggestion and all that …. Yes. I'm a shoe slut. So shoot me.


Go forth you lovely lot and ensure you get a gorgeous investment piece for that wardrobe, you blimmin' well deserve it.


And for those with boys that need none of the above and still come up trumps, you are a lucky lady indeed.

He's a keeper.



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