Little Crumbs

Want , Need , Wear , Read … Some Savvy Shopping

Little dude's just celebrated a birthday. The playroom is rammed of toys of all shapes and sizes, he's a very lucky boy. I've had a clear out of some old toys to make room, selling on local Facebook selling sites and others donated to charity.


Sat down with Mr G chatting about Christmas gift ideas for the little ones, and if they really NEED more toys. I've spent so much time on the internet I'm losing all sense of direction, could get them, this, this and this, And or this instead of that. We all want to give them a magical Christmas morning, I remember opening the Girls World I'd be pining over for months all those years ago still now. But this Christmas might be more about filling in the gaps that would link different toys together, encourage their creativity as well as something they can enjoy together as siblings that's equally exciting. It isn't easy.


A few chats with some chums later, with a nod to the super stylish Bleubird and her ridiculously cool blog I felt inspired to do my own take on her featured posts 'Want, Need, Wear, Read' for the little ones this Christmas to keep that shopping list under control.


My Picks for the boy's …


Our little dude is in awe of all things wildlife, especially those that roam under the sea. I'd love to take him to London Aquarium, let him choose anything from the gift shop and then out for some delicious dinner, really spoil him, a day just with Mummy. We could do with that time together, making memories over the Christmas break. A gift doesn't need to be in a box with those pesky cable ties, even when they're small.


This boy is growing like something from the little shop of horrors! And what's Christmas if there's no new cosy pyjamas? This toasty Moose print set from The Little White Company are beautifully soft, prices starting at £20.


I get his hi tops from H&M, at only £5.99 for canvas, or £12.99 for the leather, I'll get him a couple of colours and if he scuffs them or gets paint on them at pre school, it's no big deal. They're easy for him to put on himself (elastic laces) and in a huge range of colours, I can't rate them highly enough.

Paired with these Schwings ,approx £12.00 incl delivery, how awesome are those bland hi tops now!! Based in the states, there are some UK stockists, Alex and Alexa being one, but for the full range …. That's well worth taking a look at you should absolutely visit their website.

He would LOVE these!


Cissy Wears has some gorgeous books in stock at the moment, I love buying books as gifts for the little ones friends. At only £4.99 this one will make a perfect stocking filler for our little man who, since his birthday talks non stop about just HOW big he is now he's 4.


And for the girl's …



Ok, to clarify, she is only 20 months, but she definitely told me in no uncertain terms how much she'd LOVE this play house from Luckyboysunday … Tee he he…. If however at £290 Santa fancies a smaller price tag, the play tent from Ferm Living, £114 available at Little Seeds is a suitably gorgeous alternative, that packs away to nothing to save space. I'd fill it with gorgeous cushions, blankets and toys. An idyllic hideaway when the snow sets in.


I'm in the process of taking little lady's room from a nursery to a gorgeous space for her to grow into. She's in need of some new bedding, this Marcel duvet set will be a great starting point, £94.00 from Alex and Alexa.


They can never have enough sweaters, I'd like to get this Emile Et Ida £31.00 from Scandinavian Minimall a little larger, slouchy on her now with her DM boots, perhaps a loose belt. Fast forward to next winter she'd still be rocking it in the more traditional jumper sense. £31.00 well spent, I say.


Another gorgeous book, available from Cissy Wears, she has many from this range, a fantastic way to introduce your little ones to the classics, the illustrations are to die for… We have the copy of Alice In Wonderland, it's stunning. This copy of Wuthering Heights at £5.99 will be a great one to add to the book shelf.


I Hope this has given you a little food for thought and some direction should you have been going around in circles in the Christmas shopping frenzy.

Tweet me your Wants, Needs, Wear and Reads, for you and your little ones.

Happy Christmas Shopping you lovely lot.









Ramblings ...

Blogfest ’13

Unless you've been in Twitter hiding you may have heard it was Mumsnet's Blogfest on Saturday 9th November. Should you follow me on Twitter you'll know an event I've been very much looking forward to. And I'm pleased to say, I wasn't disappointed.


Blogging for about a year or so, I'm fairly new to this blogging lark, but now I feel my little space in blogging land has grown organically into something I'm proud of, content I work hard on and topics that are me in a nutshell, I felt confident enough and had technical questions so wanted to do a conference.


Confident was when I bought my ticket. The night before the event I was crapping myself! Networking, is so far from my comfort zone it's ridiculous. But after a word with myself, a few chit chats on Twitter and through Mumsnet's forums I was at ease. It was such a fun, relaxed and social atmosphere … And there was cake. I tottered around tapping badges and meeting some fab ladies.


And so, my Blogfest 2013 in pictures …


Outfit decided the night before, heels, a brave move for a girl who lives in her biker boots. But heels give me confidence, I love metallics with boyfriend jeans, and actually they proved to be a great talking point, or got me recognised when meeting other bloggers.


A chuffin early start!! Mr G dropped me off at 6.30am ….. 6.30!


I found myself trying to play dominoes with the paving …. And managed to write a post, while waiting for my train. Winner.




Leaving the countryside for the big smoke, watching the sun come up on a eerily empty train was surprisingly liberating. My first day, for total self indulgence, a whole day just worrying about me in a very long time.


Ok so, I got a little lost. I printed a map… My phones shocking. I walked out of kings cross, I come to a building. Oh. This must be wrong, this is the offices for the Guardian. I know, I'll walk 40 minutes in a huge sodding circle. In heels. To get back where I started to realise I was in the right place after all. Thankfully I was still early. Pretty impressive considering I'd been such a Ditsy Pilok!

Anyhoo, I arrived, I signed in, got my tapping badge thing … Blendology, it's like something from mission impossible. Bloody amazing!.

I got coffee. I tweeted. Tweet comes up on the big tweety wall thing. Yey. It's going to be a good day.



And so, the hall filled. Let's do this.

A great opening session, chaired by Richard Bacon.

A mingle with the sponsors, for coca cola fun.


Followed a session that if I'm honest, danced a bit around the subject of getting paid for a blimmin good bit of writing. In true Brit style, the subject of money was hard work.

An informative, session about Social Media, with Paul Armstrong, witty, engaging and keen to share his knowledge.

… I missed a picture of lunch, I was too busy inhaling it! …. Here's a picture taken of me chatting with the sponsors. Coca Cola about monitoring your caffeine intake … With a strong coffee in hand. The irony. (Pic Mumsnet).


An inspiring session with some incredible writers. This is the session that sold me my ticket.


Lionel Srhiver wears pink wellies. Amazing.

From somewhere I got the balls to ask her to sign a copy of Kevin for me. *squeals*

To round up the day there was a debate about Feminism, can Mummy Bloggers still be feminists?. A few women were riled before the panel had even spoken. Personally I felt a few comments were lost in translation. I wasn't offended, as I hid my heels under my seat, women started to shout each other down. It wasn't pleasant.
Feminism is a subject that will always get women's hackles up. Twitter was bombarded with negative comments about the session, it's a shame as that single session overshadowed the day, which as a whole was incredibly well organised, informative, inspiring and exciting.
I'll be back next year. Thanks Mumsnet.









Mummy Fashion

Frying Pan Last Christmas?? …..

It's here girls, Christmas is looming, cue the switch from peppa pig to c beebies…. No toy adverts.... And the irrational need to clean every inch of the house including 'that' cupboard that hasn't been touched since you moved in, because y'know it's Christmas.


I'm admittedly ridiculously excited about Christmas this year, the little people being of an age where it's genuinely magic, but it's still a stressful time of year. If you're one of these Mummies that after all the running around like a loon spinning plates to ensure everyone has a wonderful time, you dread opening your stocking for fear of hideous underwear…in the wrong size…again. Or the most advanced in technology seen in the frying pan world.. You lucky girl you. Don't fret, Allow me to suggest a few tips and tricks to help that significant other get you what you really want, and to be blunt bloody well deserve this festive season…and the best bit, he'll probably think he came up with it all by himself.


I give you,



The most subtle of suggestion, an open magazine or catalogue strategically placed by the beer fridge or remote control. Left often enough in slightly different positions, it will gradually sink into his subconscious.


You can take this to the next level by getting a red pen and circling the desired item. It's probably for the best…. Just in case said page also has a sandwich toaster on it. Boys can be easily confused.




Leaving the internet on the iPad or laptop open on a website of your choice…even better where you've clicked on the exact item and size guide…with the curser left in a strategic position.


When he picks it up every night for the week he'll soon get the message that this year a steam iron just won't cut it.




Ok, Let's take it up a gear, leave a catalogue or tear a page out of a magazine, even print a picture off with sizes and colour choices and pop it in his briefcase / laptop bag / lunch box.


“Oh, that, it must've fallen in there by accident”,






Not for the faint hearted, so make it count girls. A direct email with a definitive list of preferences 1-3.





You can put icing on the cake with this one with unsubtle hints of just how much of a lucky boy Santa would be…with 2 nocturnal toddlers in our house it would be a Christmas miracle in our house, but the power of suggestion and all that …. Yes. I'm a shoe slut. So shoot me.


Go forth you lovely lot and ensure you get a gorgeous investment piece for that wardrobe, you blimmin' well deserve it.


And for those with boys that need none of the above and still come up trumps, you are a lucky lady indeed.

He's a keeper.