Mummy Fashion

A De-Joules Wardrobe Frenzy

Last week I took some of my own advice and went through my own wardrobe on a de- Joules and de- Boden frenzy. Ruthlessly taking out anything I haven't worn for a year, for whatever reason.

I went through a very mumsy phase when I came into my 30's after having Euan, I lost my way a bit wearing what I thought I should wear not what I really wanted to wear … If that makes any sense.

I've since got my mojo back, reverted back to my trusty knits, classic silhouettes and layers, layers, layers. Throw in a pair of studded high tops, sling in a biker boot and normal service is resumed.

I washed, ironed, took pictures of my unwanted clothes and shoes, listed them on our village's Sale or Swap group on Facebook. Priced at around £10 – £20 per item, depending on wear, Everything was snapped up within a couple of days.

And with the money I've made?

These have been calling me in my sleep….


£69.99 from Zara. Come to Mama.



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