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Smart Shopping – your little ones AW13 Wardrobe.

As I sit in blistering heat enjoying this last burst of summer sunshine it's hard to comprehend that within a few weeks the knitwear will be out in full force.


I'm still searching for the perfect winter coat for little lady, but you can bet your mortgage it will have a Zara tag as their AW13 ranges are delicious. Have a look at a few of my favourite online picks on the coat front.


So, before you hit shopping online like a mother possessed or battle the crowds in the city centres, try to take some time to take stock of what you're little ones have, what they've outgrown and will need. Everything from PJ's to Socks. Lay it all out, in piles of T shirts, Bottoms etc, its a quick visual of what's lacking.

I don't want to be 'the shopping fun police' im not talking regimented list making or it being a chore. Just a little bit of forward planning to make sure you spend your money wisely, turning your attention to invest in some great pieces that will last and fill in any gaps. Or bringing different pieces together making new looks.


Too Small? Either… Pass Down / Pass on to Friends / Sell on local sites / Send To Charity


If it's too well worn and not suitable for any of the above, it's bin bound.



Once you've gone through everything and you're left only with clothes that still fit or will keep. Take time to look at the colours, don't be afraid to mix up the palette a little, boy or girl some vivid colour brightens up any dull wet autumn morning. Khaki looks gorgeous on girls mixed with greys, pinks and oranges. Similarly Boys look lovely in pastels.

There's no harm in making a list, to give you a nudge in the right direction when you're off shopping. I'm guilty of going along picking up bits and bobs and before I know it i've got too much of the same thing. Euan has been known to have an abundance of striped long sleeve tops . But no pants that fitted him. I know. Mummy fail.

Taking this time to sort through and make a list helps keep me on track, before I get blindsided by all the gorgeousness whilst online or in the shops and lose focus on what they need.

Here's one I made earlier…. I know…
So to round up, a few things to think about when going through your little ones wardrobes.
  • Even if Summer is on it's way out, get a little more wear out of T shirts, layer them up over long sleeve tops, or team summer rompers with a cute pair of tights and a long sleeve top,
  • Make a list if it helps to keep you on the right spending track, I love lists me,
  • Forward thinking, clothes you invest more money on that could suit both genders of your children, Check out Tootsa Macginty for non gender specific knitwear gorgeousness,
  • Don't be too shy or proud to accept clothes passed on from friends, or to offer to friends, it all helps, it's lovely to see good clothes being enjoyed for longer,
  • Look out for supermarket's offers, they're great for clothes for pre school, nursery, that if paint doesn't wash out its no big deal.
  • For the newly toilet trained consider easy waistbands to give them the confidence & independence to be able to pull down bottoms by themselves, Euan wears Joggers to pre school, easier that jeans for him to deal with on his own.
  • Think forward to any occasions in the coming few months, can anything your little ones already have be 'dressed up' be creative with it,

(from the left over denim for Euan's cut offs this summer, following a tutorial on The Beautiful Mess I whipped up a bow tie) I only got a new cotton shirt as opposed to a whole wedding outfit he'd wear for 1 day, and he looked just as smart & more importantly he felt comfortable. Ta Dah.

  • Many brands, such as Zara, H&M, Beau Loves, Gap etc will have a 'look book' section on their website, it's an area that's a great source of inspiration.

Have fun shopping for your little ones winter wardrobes, find me on Instagram & tag me in any pictures of your favourite finds, I'd love to see what's caught your eye on the high street for your little ones.





Please note this is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own. Thank you.






8 thoughts on “Smart Shopping – your little ones AW13 Wardrobe.

    • Ha ha! I need to be these days I have to write lists of what housework to do or I’ll blindly walk around room to room in a daze! #sleepdeprived #teethingtoddler … Absolutely, will you be at blogfest? X

  1. Good tips Mrs! I totally have twelve pairs of cute jeans for my little destroyer… Yet looking at it, I have three pairs of socks, a million cute tops but maybe one jumper… FAIL. I just can’t stop buying cute dresses! They suck me in… Like cake and gin… I’m weak, I admit it. Lol xxx

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