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Me … In 2D

I am a very fortunate misses indeed to have a lovely close group of chums, many of which have settled down with some blimmin' lovely chaps. One in particular is my gorgeous wiggy making friend Katie…who played a significant part in my & Mr G's getting together, she's all kinds of awesome …. married David they had their little one and are now a very cool super stylish family indeed.


David is a very talented Illustrator . His project 'A Drawing A Day' that he completed in June 2011 was widely recognised, word spread like wild fire of this task that David was undertaking through Facebook, gaining him keen followers of the project. The exhibition of this project was a great success, all 365 images were individually framed and exhibited in Bedford, London, Sheffield and Hamburg.


Talking at Ted X in Bedford, The project discussed in his own words


Busying himself with working on illustrations for The Beano, Anorak Magazine, Various Music Promotions & Sleeves as well as Children's Books on his portfolio his work can scale from innocent light hearted illustrations to haunting narrative imagery. A real talent. His recognisable style from pen to mixed media and his interpretations of his characters and their features are individual to each of his illustrations.


So … how lucky was I when David agreed to do a little something for me …I know…really blimmin' lucky!

And here I am. Me, summarised in a drawing, I love it. It's totally me in a nutshell.


So a big Thank You to you Mr Litchfield!


If you'd like further details and to order prints of David's work please do get in touch with him through his website . I encourage you to follow him on Tumblr , Twitter ( @Le_David_Tinker ) and Facebook to keep up to date on what projects he's up to next.


I genuinely hope you like the blogs new look and the direction it's headed. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts on twitter @Cardies_Crumbs or comment below.



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