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Me … In 2D

I am a very fortunate misses indeed to have a lovely close group of chums, many of which have settled down with some blimmin' lovely chaps. One in particular is my gorgeous wiggy making friend Katie…who played a significant part in my & Mr G's getting together, she's all kinds of awesome …. married David they had their little one and are now a very cool super stylish family indeed.


David is a very talented Illustrator . His project 'A Drawing A Day' that he completed in June 2011 was widely recognised, word spread like wild fire of this task that David was undertaking through Facebook, gaining him keen followers of the project. The exhibition of this project was a great success, all 365 images were individually framed and exhibited in Bedford, London, Sheffield and Hamburg.


Talking at Ted X in Bedford, The project discussed in his own words


Busying himself with working on illustrations for The Beano, Anorak Magazine, Various Music Promotions & Sleeves as well as Children's Books on his portfolio his work can scale from innocent light hearted illustrations to haunting narrative imagery. A real talent. His recognisable style from pen to mixed media and his interpretations of his characters and their features are individual to each of his illustrations.


So … how lucky was I when David agreed to do a little something for me …I know…really blimmin' lucky!

And here I am. Me, summarised in a drawing, I love it. It's totally me in a nutshell.


So a big Thank You to you Mr Litchfield!


If you'd like further details and to order prints of David's work please do get in touch with him through his website . I encourage you to follow him on Tumblr , Twitter ( @Le_David_Tinker ) and Facebook to keep up to date on what projects he's up to next.


I genuinely hope you like the blogs new look and the direction it's headed. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts on twitter @Cardies_Crumbs or comment below.


Little Crumbs

Time to talk Coats…

Autumn Is looming, we've had more rain than sun of late and the rails of ditsy floral bloomers are being pushed aside to make room for chunky knits.


Yey! Autumn is my favourite time of year.


And, this means a wardrobe update, for you and your little ones.


One of, if not THE most important buys for your child's wardrobe, has to be a good coat, can be one of the priciest of purchases so it pays to choose one that can be a jack of all trades, comfortable, practical, warm, rain proof, easy to clean and smart. I've been scouring the Internet to share a few of my favourites.


A Gillet is a great way to crossover into Autumn Winter, late September can be chilly but not cold enough for a bulky coat, one of these will see your little ones through.
Orange & Grey – Zara £22.99
Green H&M £14.99

I'm not a huge fan of print on coats, I find the Hatley, Joules and Boden ranges can be a little predictable, cars, tractors, flowers….That said this hotly anticipated A/W13 Mini Rodini Penguin Print has me hook line and sinker. It comes in the form of rain trousers, a rain coat, hats, leggings, bodies and tops …. That's a whole lot of penguins! You can enjoy the print with just a little hat or go all out if the mood takes you.

Available through Cissy Wears at £45.00 this coat comes into it's own with its detail, the zip, the reflective strips, the unusual print in colours to go with everything. My experience of Mini Rodini is so well made I'm confident that this coat will look just as great when passed down from Euan to Edie.

Investing in these items that should last to be handed down to Edie fits in well with my taste of girls clothes that aren't super girly. If you have girls and boys this is something to be considered, think spending money on the items that you need to function well and will last for your younger child to benefit from…. Purchase justified?? …

Fab, lets move on.


The Blue Owl Print also above is available from John Lewis at £30 it's a lovely shape and looks so cosy, I'd be tempted to try a size up to attempt to get a little more length. I like the children's coats to ideally come down past their hips to minimise any draft round their backs. Also I'd worry this would be a bit too bulky for a little one that is in a pushchair quite a bit.



….. And the award for girls coats that don't look like they've been covered in pritt stick & rolled in Hobby Craft, is …. *insert drum roll* Zara. I'm a big fan of Zara, beautiful, fun kiddies clothes reasonably priced. I've ordered a few pieces from their new autumn winter range for both Euan & Edie, their outerwear range doesn't disappoint. I'm a big fan of this Parka in particular, it's has a subtle early 90's Oasis fan vibe. Worn with some knitwear that packs a colour punch it would look great.

Parka (age2-13) Zara £49.99

Top Right – Hooded Wax Jacket £24-26

Bottom Right – Shearling Moto Jacket £44.95


If you're looking for something a little less pricey, but still very practical check out H&M's Functional Outerwear range, for both boys and girls. Jacket's come in a good selection of colours and at only £29.99 are great value for money, they have all sorts from splash suits to affordable ski wear.

Similarly, take a moment during the manic weekly shop in Sainsbury's or Tesco to have a look at their coats. Euan has a plain green padded jacket just for wearing at Pre School, at £11.00 it's been warm enough over last winter and it's not too precious that if it gets damaged while he's playing its not the end of the world. Supermarkets are upping their game in the style stakes making more stylish children's fashion at accessible prices not to be sniffed at.

If you're looking for something a little extra special, Zara has some lovely little floral jackets for occasions and this combination coat with faux leather sleeves is £27.99, Edie would rock this with some studded pumps. This stunning flannel and beautifully lined coat, from the delicious label that is Bobo Choses at €129.00 available in ages 2-9 or in Navy…. Something for my wish list perhaps….



Happy Shopping you lovely lot!











All images have been taken from the relevant websites, please find links detailed above. All opinions in this post are my own and unsponsored.