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Splash, Splash, Splosh – Letchworth Splash Park

…. Excuse the image quality I only had my phone … Bad planning on my part peeps!


So, over the course of the summer I wanted to share a few posts on places we've enjoyed together.


I'd seen posts on Facebook where friends of friends had gone to a splash park, recently after a huge cash injection from lottery funding what was a very old paddling pool in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, had been developed into a modern splash park.


Not to be out done, we packed up a pic nic and drove on over today.


It was busy, schools are still open until mid next week around here, so I'm sure the same time next week it will be busier. That said it's so well laid out, with a lot of space we didn't feel penned in by any means.


So, in essence it's 2 paddling pools linked together by a little stream. In the deepest parts the water was about a foot deep, on a smooth concrete with decorative leaf patterns. We were fine barefoot, but some children were in crocs etc. There's also a play area in a shaded area should your little ones want a break from the water.


It is very clean and well maintained, everyone we saw there were enjoying the facilities respecting the area. Children playing well, the bigger ones taking care around the little ones. It was a pleasure to see.

Various jets in one end very gentle but enough to be exciting for the little ones I'd say ideal for up to 5. The other end had higher jets and was enjoyed by some older children, or a few narly younger ones!



If Euan wanted to venture off a little further from where I was sat with Edie, I could let him as the visibility was great, you could see all areas of water, so for parents such as myself, alone with 2 at different ages they could both enjoy themselves and you could relax knowing you could see them, and the areas really aren't far apart from one another.


Edie was fascinated by a small area in the middle, with stepping stones and small bubbly fountains….




We took a pic nic as did many visitors, there is a kiosk that had snacks and drinks, however during this afternoon they ran out if all ice creams and cold drinks. Not ideal, but they were very honest in that they just underestimated how busy they would be.



There are various large benches around the outside of the water but we grabbed a good spot on the grass quite close to the edge half in the shade of a tree, which meant I could keep an eye on our things while playing with in the water. I took the kids, my handbag and left our pic nic blanket etc where it was when we walked to the kiosk for Euan to use to loo, and I felt quite safe doing so.


It was boardering on 30 degrees today, so a beautiful day to enjoy it. This did result in a few bikini clad mums working on their tans. I however wasn't that brave, I was firmly in the 'roll up your trews' for a paddle camp.


So, after our visit today a few things to mention….

  • Don't be afraid to visit a place such as this on your own, it's great fun.
  • Take a few water toys, buckets, boats, balls …. But be prepared for other little ones to want to play with them too! Some older children had water squirters.
  • Get there early to get easy parking and make the most of the day, we arrived at 10 and it started to really get busy around 11-11.30.
  • Swim Nappies, take a few!
  • Take a pic nic to maximise your day,
  • Be mindful, there is a main road across the grass, if your little one is a runner, keep an eye on them,


If you're not local, google search for a splash park near to you, well worth a visit. An inexpensive day out and a great way to knacker them out spend quality time together. We already plan to go back next week with friends from Euan's pre school.

You can find Letchworth Splash Park by searching on Facebook.


Enjoy the Sunshine!






One thought on “Splash, Splash, Splosh – Letchworth Splash Park

  1. Genovese, Elisa says:


    Love this and cannot wait for next year when I too can hopefully participate in such lovely fun! x

    Kind regards

    Elisa Genovese-Wright
    HR Advisor
    Kier Construction Infrastructure and Overseas (South)
    & Kier Construction – Engineering

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