So Much More Than 4 Legs And A Top

I must have spent hours trawling websites, Pinterest, magazines trying to find the perfect dining table. Mr G liked pine or oak top traditional farmhouse tables with a bench. I liked this style but wasn't particularly excited about any that we'd seen.


One evening Mr G was scouring eBay for dressers. From behind the iPad I heard a mutter “ooooh you'd like that, but you can't have it, it's far too big.”


Well that was silly.


“What is it?” … You can't say that and then not show me.


And there it was, a picture of a table on its side taken from a corner of an antiques shop in Stroud. I wanted it, I wanted it yesterday.


There ensued numerous conversations on how much character it had, reminding Mr G of how we had wanted investment pieces. Mr G came home one evening and I'd stuck masking tape and newspaper on the floor to give him a visual of how it could work, how breathing in to get in between the fireplace and table was perfectly acceptable. I was like a dog with a bone. I loved this table without having seen it, smelt it, or touched it.


I'd spoken to the shop owner about it in detail, I was enchanted by its story, built by her husband using solid teak, oak and reclaimed wood from shattered fishing boats in the Thailand Tsunami disaster, an event that Mr G had experienced first hand. I really wanted this table to be a part of our family home.


A few days later a man with a van with our help lugged it through the bi fold doors and its not moved since….it's far too bloody heavy!



The tops uneven, and so textured that you need to really think about where to place your glass of red, I have to hoover it daily from a 3 year olds crumbs, but I don't care. Its the best thing we've bought for the house by far. It's seen tears, giggles, played host to great family memories, deep conversations, girls getting nails done over a glass or wine and Lego building rainy afternoons.


We've sat here together watching fireworks, we've seen the first winter snow fall, thunder storms and opened the doors to sit and enjoy a breakfast basking in the fresh summer morning sunshine.


This is so much more than just a table, it's the hub of our home and we'll never part with it.






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