Little Crumbs

Bonjour Trendy Toddlers

The washing machine's being put through it's paces, the post sorted through and Mr G's shirt for work ironed.


Holiday is officially done and dusted *snivels*.


We had a fabulous 2 week break, spending that old cliche of quality time together. Mr G's emails off. The kiddies playing, laughing together finding their feet as siblings without school runs, and supermarket dash interruptions. Long lunches, cycling and jumping about in the pool. And Cheese. Oh the cheese!


We were staying in … dare I say … a relatively sleepy part of France, quaint ports, old market towns surrounded by dark forests, salt marshes and vineyards. So I could be forgiven that I'd assumed I wouldn't be getting any shopping in.


Just as well really, given luggage space was ….well it wasn't.


However, how wrong was I. In a tiny port town known for its artistic roots La Flotte we meandered around the cobbled back streets, through the bustling market. This to me was the real France. What I naively wasn't expecting to stumble across a few beautifully dressed baby boutiques. Full of colour, toys and fun clothes.

Local toddlers pottering around with their stylish parents, effortless class. Children dressed in fun prints, layered together. Stripes accessorised with punches of colour. Boys zooming around on their kiddimoto's girls with topknots and satchels. Simply adorable. With Edie in her Mini Rodini, Euan in a bit of Bobo Choses and a panama, a few acknowleded nods and smiles we were in the gang.

In Saint Martin De Re, just off the port snuggled between some beautiful restaurants I spied the striking tomato print sweater from the lovely Bobo Choses immediately. I was off.



You know when you literally stumble into a shop, over excitable and everyone looks at you because your grinning like a loon. Yeah. That.

I had found Celestine. A beautifully dressed concept store with rails of selected pieces from Bobo Choses, Mini Rodini, Imps and Elf's and Yporque with beautiful pieces I longed for from Annabel Kern.




There was also an extensive range of footwear by Collegien that I recognised from seeing on the stylish Cissy Wears website. No huge surprise as it's a French brand, and superb quality.

These looked cosy …

I've reigned in the summer spending on the little ones now, afterall we're hardly experiencing blistering sunshine. Now I'm starting to think about what the little ones could need this autumn winter, ill be adding Celestine to my 'go to' websites for little things for either their wardrobe or rooms.
If your'e France bound this summer enjoy the inspiration on how those trendy toddlers rock it so effortlessly … And show off what our UK Toddlers can bring to the playground.



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