A Little Room, A Lot Of Fun.

One day some time ago I was introduced to the land of Instagram and Pinterest. I would scroll through various comments, links and streams of beautiful images. I found out about brands I'd not seen before, independent shop's and inspirational blogs.

The main culprit of late being Breathe Happiness, through their blog I learned of Cissy Wears, The Kid Who, and Home&Kids. Enough to get me started and my debit card a pounding.

Before now, I've aimlessly spent hours scouring the Internet for kooky bits and bobs for the home, for the kiddies and for gifts. It can be a struggle trawling through the sea of dull brown, grey and blue that is boys clothes and girls clothes that look like they've been rolled around the cupcake decorating section of Lakeland.

…. All hail Cissy Wears. Not a Lelli blimmin' Kelli in sight! If you like to shop ethically and enjoy having your little ones in fun clothes and can appreciate some Lucky Boy Sunday you can breathe a sigh of relief that the likes of Nicola at Cissy Wears is flying the flag for the design concious among us.

The land of social media brings these stylish, concept business' to your attention, just from reading posts written by like minded bloggers that enjoy sharing their finds. Oh Instagram how I love thee.

Once the build was finished the first room I started on was the play room. A plain space of white walls and dark eucalyptus wood flooring, keeping it simple with a couple of prints and a bright lamp, storage from Ikea.


My recent obsession with Swedish Brand OMM Design started with a banner kit from The Kid Who. I've written a couple of posts on other purchases from the delight that is The Kid Who Robot. I'm a big fan.

Some time ago when Euan first started to string sentences together, he'd interrupt a game, a walk in the woods eating pancakes to exclaim to me “I Feel Happy Mummy” …. My heart would break right there.

And so once I'd ordered this, I knew exactly what I wanted it to say.


Staggered so that 'Happy' is in the recess of the shelf. Im planning another in black for the lounge, possibly for the fire place, just deciding on the perfect tape to keep it in place.

A couple of Ingela P Arrhenius prints on the wall and a floor lamp later and we're getting there. Next on my wish list are some Wall Stickers by Ferm Living and im tempted to experiment with some texture with these pom poms from Bodie and Fou.

A space for them to enjoy together, display their artwork, share with their friends. Just off of the lounge I can keep an eye on proceedings. It's a space that's working perfectly for our little family.




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