Mummy Fashion

And the penny drops …

Into my 30's and having had the little ones I finally feel comfortable in my own skin.


I went through a minor hiccup when becoming a mummy, thinking I wasn't cool enough to be able to shop in my old favourite, All Saints. I was now a mum after all. I'm not too embarrassed to admit I had days where I looked a bit like I'd been covered in glue and rolled around in Cath Kidston. I didn't love it, I just followed suit, wasn't that what was expected of me?


Some studded high tops, and a pair of Ash boots later and normal service was resumed.


A friend of mine recently bought me a fab zesty green pouch (make up bag) from Whistles. It's a saviour. I sling my keys, phone a small coin purse and a lippy in there and rummaging to the bottom of my new Alphabet Bag Tote for something is a distant memory. Branded with a bold 'E' the tote is for Edie / Euan's 'stuff', and there's a lot of it.


Clean lines, a pop of colour, simple silhouettes. How I love thee.








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