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Mum, I blimmin love you!

Today it's Mothers Day in the big ol' US of A.


My mum's lived in Chicago with her lovely husband for about 8 years, a move she didn't take lightly, that although my sisters and I all have our families she still beats herself up about.


That worrying us mums do.


Now I'm in my 30's and a mother I realise the sacrifices our parents made, the worrying, the stress, the sleep deprivation. The hard work. And it's appreciated.


By the way there are a few things to come clean on …


  • When there were crumbs in my bed … I probably had been eating a biccie,


  • At 8 or so I 'ran away' to Nan's round the corner… I wasn't really running away… But then you probably knew that,


  • When the living room light broke in the old house,… It didn't 'just fall off' I did a cartwheel and kicked it ….ooopsie …. You probably knew that too.


From my earliest memories my mum always told me, To just do my best, to have respect for myself when my 14 yr old friends were out experimenting with boys, to not follow their path.


That I absolutely was not getting a boob job to make the idiot boys in our group of friends notice me, that they weren't worthy.


That an ex boyfriend brought me down and kept me there. You couldn't stand how he spoke to me, how he treated me, you were there waiting for me to figure it out for myself how he didn't deserve me.


You knew after just a couple of dates that Mr G was someone special. Mums just know.


My mum was always right, I hope to pass her wise words onto our daughter, to have that relationship we have. I hope ill know what to do and what to say.


Becoming a parent is like the penny dropping, now you realise what it's all about. You appreciate the childhood you had, and the effort that went into creating those memories.


Thanks Mum, Happy Mothers Day all the way over there.


I blimmin' love you.




2 thoughts on “Mum, I blimmin love you!

  1. Jan Sanders says:

    Thank you Donna, through teary eyes I read this! You are and always will be a daughter to to be so proud of, I know at times you probably thought I was your worst enemy, but if that got you where you are today then I have no regrets of that. We all think we are so smart at fooling our Mum’s and it is always interesting to hear explainations of events! Very funny! You are an amazing Mummy to Euan and Edie and I know that they will have the same respect for you. It’s a tricky job but so very rewarding. Thank you Donna, I love and miss you so so much. x x x x

  2. Wow Donna, that got the waterworks going well said, what a wonderful letter for your mum!!! i ma sure your kids will have the same feeling for you when their all grown up!!

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