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Since I sky +'d (if that's even a term?) WALL.E for little man to enjoy, he started clocking Robots here, there and everywhere.


A friend of mine got him a little robot for Christmas, he chose robot pyjamas for himself, even started talking like he was a robot, which would have me in fits of giggles, Can . I . Have . Some . Crispies . Please . Mu . Mmy.


So it would come as no surprise that when browsing, what is becoming a firm favourite in The Kid Who for Edie's birthday gifts, I stumbled across these by the fabulous OMM Design. I had to get them for him.


I thought they'd make a lovely little gift for Euan from his baby sister on her birthday. A small Thank You gesture, to soften the blow that for a few days she would have a few visitors and quite a bit of attention.
There are 24 in the box, each of them different, he sat going through all of them, which one he could make up next. A little intricate for his little hands he'd drag his grandpa, grandma, daddy or me to the dining table to make them with him. Naively I thought the box would last a few weeks. Days. He had his little robot army within a few days.
Such a simple concept, that had his attention and imagination hook, line and sinker.
A little card.
Pop out the pieces.
Ta Dah.
Restricted to the dining table so that Edie didn't have any as a snack he'd play with them all, give them voices, tell you which Robot's were which best friends. We gave them names, talked about the colours, how Robot's ate all their dinner… (These day's ill try anything!)
“Oh no mummy, he fall down on the wibbly table”. “It's alright robot” . I could eat him up.
He was so excited about them, he gave a card to each of his cousins, to any friends that popped by, he loved his little robots and wanted to share them. Adorable.
As The Kid Who suggests they'd be great addition to a party bag. Just 1-2 cards per child for a robot themed birthday party would go down a storm I'm sure. Or you can create your own little Robot army, just as Euan did.
These, along with other OMM Design toys and gifts are available from The Kid Who.


The Kid Who, even have a Robot, he emails you updates on your order, and sneaks Parma violets and other delights in the package.

So I'm with Euan, Robots Rock.



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