Little Crumbs

The Little Ones 1st Gig….Megson

We had the opportunity to see Megson at The Junction in Cambridge Sunday morning. I was a little apprehensive as to what the little ones would make of it. They'd never been to a 'show' before. Euan's been to the cinema so experienced, the loud noise, the lights, the dark, but not a gig. This was their first.


We went to The Junction, in Cambridge, there was colouring and activities put out to keep the children entertained until the show was ready to start. A great idea.


We chose our seats and waited just a few moments for Megson to take to the stage.




There was no need to worry, a relaxed, warm welcome and lovely atmosphere we were all at ease. The children could join in with the songs, actions or animal noises if they wanted to, but there was no pressure. They could just sit back and enjoy the music if they'd prefer.


… However the minute the bubble machines were on, there was a stampede of children to the area in front of the stage, Euan practically dislocated my arm yanking me down the stairs for a dance in the bubbles! It was great. Deb & Stu (Megson) didn't mind, their daughter Lola, was bopping away in what Deb described as 'The Bubble Mosh Pit' Ha!. There were squeals of laughter, clapping of hands and big grins all round.



A great mix of songs from the album 'When I Was A Lad' With 'Oats & Beans & Barley Grow' a clear crowd pleaser. As was Debs artwork to accompany 'My Fathers Farm'.


Deb and Stu talked to the children in between songs, telling them very briefly about their instruments, what the songs were about. You can tell they're parents loving what they do, it really showed.


The family show lasted for 45 minutes or so, with a gorgeous medley finale. Deb and Stu were so approachable after the show, taking time for photographs (Euan was too shy …. And still looking for bubbles) , signing CD's and taking time to talk to the children and parents.


It was such a relaxed enjoyable experience from start to finish. A great Family Show that children of all ages would enjoy, if you are able to book tickets for any of their remaining dates I'd highly recommend it, you don't have to know the songs or the words to enjoy it.


In Euan's words as we walked across the complex for lunch, 'I had a really fun time' So did I little man, gorgeous family memories altogether. Their first gig. Next a festival…


Megson's album 'When I Was A Lad' is available to buy at

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