Little Crumbs

I Love You Too…Tu

We're ridiculously jammy with our circle of friends. And now our children have in our friends an extended family, people that love them.


For their birthday's they were spoilt with the generosity of our friends, gorgeous, thoughtful beautiful gifts.


One of our friends, Jo, for part of her birthday made Edie a tutu. On a sunny morning I couldn't resist getting some shots of her in it to mark her 1st Birthday.






I love the deep red with the khaki green, it's a colour combination that really works, girly with no glitter and hot pink in sight, she knows me too well!.


Talented friends huh? … See. Jammy.


She's pretty nifty with a needle is Jo and has made Edie a fab tabard style bib, that's gorgeous and her name in beautiful letters. Look Jo up on Twitter @MrsJoBall




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