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A Lovely Little Family…

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed we recently had a new family move in.


Studio Matryoshka's The Lion family from OMM Design.


A set of Russian Dolls is something I've wanted to get for the children to enjoy for a while, these are a modern, colourful interpretation and practical for them to actually play with, rather than me the fun police display them out of reach because I want them as a keepsake.


As part of her 1st Birthday gift from my Mum and Grandad Rob, I stumbled across these little lovelies over at The Kid Who.
There are other ranges available within the Toy section of the website. Next I'd like to get my hands on the People Nesting Dolls, by Ingela P Arrhenius for our dresser. And for the creative amongst you there is even a chalkboard set you can decorate yourself!
Edie was immediately engaged with how these worked, the noise when they're stacked inside one another , smoothness and colours, she loves them, Euan's been teaching her how they fit together. Telling her about the colours, which is the biggest, the smallest and who's who.
The Squirrel and Penguin have taken residence on the bookshelf in the playroom as they're a little small for her to play with at the moment. (The recommended age is 3+).
I think there's one little fella that is our favourite…
I've only recently stumbled across The Kid Who, but am a big fan of the Art, Homeware and Toys.
Anyone that pops a sneaky packet of Parma Violets in your order is worth a follow on Twitter surely!
I'd love to see what delights you've bought from The Kid Who, Tweet me or tag me on Instagram @Cardies_Crumbs
In these pictures Edie is wearing a tutu made for her by @MrsJoBall .



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