Little Crumbs

Happy Birthday!! …… Is it Citing??



Last week this little one, turned 1.

I've rambled on to anyone within ear shot about 'how can this possibly have happened??' Everyone warns you about how time flies, you nod politely and agree.

And then you blink and you're holding a birthday cake.




Celebrations were low key, we met with friends at a soft play place in St Neots on the friday morning, It's one we go to often, there's a peaceful baby sensory room that's great for the little ones. Euan charged around in the main area with his chums, they had a great time. I am so blessed with such amazing friends, Edie was showered with gorgeous thoughtful gifts , and oh the clothes! … And then overwhelmed, she had a long sleep.

Sunday morning came, Euan melted my heart, sat in our bed watching cartoons early he heard Edie stir, without a prompt. Thump thump thump across the landing to swing open her door excitedly shouting at her'HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDIE', 'EDIE IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY, …IS IT CITING?'

One of those moments when I realise this is my family. I am one lucky cow. I drink it in.

Euan was fully aware it was Edie's birthday, he's had his birthday a while ago. We'd talked about how she would be 1. We made her a card. He was delegated 'Chief Super Duper Helper', he revelled in his role of helping Edie open her gifts and cards. We'd got him a little gift from his sister. Just a little token something that has now started a new obsession, to be posted later.

Edie was in great spirits all day, giggling, squealing, bouncing, so cuddly, using everyone's legs as leverage to stand looking up at you with those eyes.

Oh. those eyes. There's a glint of mischievousness in those big blue eyes.

She's cruising around now brilliantly and is so excited by her new perspective of the world.

With her 3 teeth (2 at the bottom and 1 at the top) she made light work of her birthday cake. I made it dairy free just for her. Edie's 1st Birthday.

She squealed and laughed all afternoon with her cousins as did Euan, they're a joy.

My Nan (who Edie's named after) came over with my Auntie, at almost 86 it's not easy for her to get out and about so it was very special to have her here to share her birthday.

And now she's 1.





We've adored having a tiny baby daughter, she's been amazing, She's got a lovely temperament. I'm immensely proud of her. She's beautiful. So calm, so patient, with an ability to crawl stealth like at a rate of knots. I need eyes everywhere.

She nuzzles the crook of your neck when you hold her and screws her nose up when she heartily chuckles. She adores her big brother, in his shadow wanting to be around him, watching him, laughing with him. She's still obsessed with Pocoyo, and Sarah & Duck.

She clearly says 'Mamama' and is building up to 'Daddeeeee' I'm most looking forward to hearing her say Euan.

And now for what the next year brings. We're ready.

My baby. 1.

Happy Birthday Precious Edie. We love you.

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