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Since I sky +'d (if that's even a term?) WALL.E for little man to enjoy, he started clocking Robots here, there and everywhere.


A friend of mine got him a little robot for Christmas, he chose robot pyjamas for himself, even started talking like he was a robot, which would have me in fits of giggles, Can . I . Have . Some . Crispies . Please . Mu . Mmy.


So it would come as no surprise that when browsing, what is becoming a firm favourite in The Kid Who for Edie's birthday gifts, I stumbled across these by the fabulous OMM Design. I had to get them for him.


I thought they'd make a lovely little gift for Euan from his baby sister on her birthday. A small Thank You gesture, to soften the blow that for a few days she would have a few visitors and quite a bit of attention.
There are 24 in the box, each of them different, he sat going through all of them, which one he could make up next. A little intricate for his little hands he'd drag his grandpa, grandma, daddy or me to the dining table to make them with him. Naively I thought the box would last a few weeks. Days. He had his little robot army within a few days.
Such a simple concept, that had his attention and imagination hook, line and sinker.
A little card.
Pop out the pieces.
Ta Dah.
Restricted to the dining table so that Edie didn't have any as a snack he'd play with them all, give them voices, tell you which Robot's were which best friends. We gave them names, talked about the colours, how Robot's ate all their dinner… (These day's ill try anything!)
“Oh no mummy, he fall down on the wibbly table”. “It's alright robot” . I could eat him up.
He was so excited about them, he gave a card to each of his cousins, to any friends that popped by, he loved his little robots and wanted to share them. Adorable.
As The Kid Who suggests they'd be great addition to a party bag. Just 1-2 cards per child for a robot themed birthday party would go down a storm I'm sure. Or you can create your own little Robot army, just as Euan did.
These, along with other OMM Design toys and gifts are available from The Kid Who.


The Kid Who, even have a Robot, he emails you updates on your order, and sneaks Parma violets and other delights in the package.

So I'm with Euan, Robots Rock.


Little Crumbs

The Little Ones 1st Gig….Megson

We had the opportunity to see Megson at The Junction in Cambridge Sunday morning. I was a little apprehensive as to what the little ones would make of it. They'd never been to a 'show' before. Euan's been to the cinema so experienced, the loud noise, the lights, the dark, but not a gig. This was their first.


We went to The Junction, in Cambridge, there was colouring and activities put out to keep the children entertained until the show was ready to start. A great idea.


We chose our seats and waited just a few moments for Megson to take to the stage.




There was no need to worry, a relaxed, warm welcome and lovely atmosphere we were all at ease. The children could join in with the songs, actions or animal noises if they wanted to, but there was no pressure. They could just sit back and enjoy the music if they'd prefer.


… However the minute the bubble machines were on, there was a stampede of children to the area in front of the stage, Euan practically dislocated my arm yanking me down the stairs for a dance in the bubbles! It was great. Deb & Stu (Megson) didn't mind, their daughter Lola, was bopping away in what Deb described as 'The Bubble Mosh Pit' Ha!. There were squeals of laughter, clapping of hands and big grins all round.



A great mix of songs from the album 'When I Was A Lad' With 'Oats & Beans & Barley Grow' a clear crowd pleaser. As was Debs artwork to accompany 'My Fathers Farm'.


Deb and Stu talked to the children in between songs, telling them very briefly about their instruments, what the songs were about. You can tell they're parents loving what they do, it really showed.


The family show lasted for 45 minutes or so, with a gorgeous medley finale. Deb and Stu were so approachable after the show, taking time for photographs (Euan was too shy …. And still looking for bubbles) , signing CD's and taking time to talk to the children and parents.


It was such a relaxed enjoyable experience from start to finish. A great Family Show that children of all ages would enjoy, if you are able to book tickets for any of their remaining dates I'd highly recommend it, you don't have to know the songs or the words to enjoy it.


In Euan's words as we walked across the complex for lunch, 'I had a really fun time' So did I little man, gorgeous family memories altogether. Their first gig. Next a festival…


Megson's album 'When I Was A Lad' is available to buy at

Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates.





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A Lovely Little Family…

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed we recently had a new family move in.


Studio Matryoshka's The Lion family from OMM Design.


A set of Russian Dolls is something I've wanted to get for the children to enjoy for a while, these are a modern, colourful interpretation and practical for them to actually play with, rather than me the fun police display them out of reach because I want them as a keepsake.


As part of her 1st Birthday gift from my Mum and Grandad Rob, I stumbled across these little lovelies over at The Kid Who.
There are other ranges available within the Toy section of the website. Next I'd like to get my hands on the People Nesting Dolls, by Ingela P Arrhenius for our dresser. And for the creative amongst you there is even a chalkboard set you can decorate yourself!
Edie was immediately engaged with how these worked, the noise when they're stacked inside one another , smoothness and colours, she loves them, Euan's been teaching her how they fit together. Telling her about the colours, which is the biggest, the smallest and who's who.
The Squirrel and Penguin have taken residence on the bookshelf in the playroom as they're a little small for her to play with at the moment. (The recommended age is 3+).
I think there's one little fella that is our favourite…
I've only recently stumbled across The Kid Who, but am a big fan of the Art, Homeware and Toys.
Anyone that pops a sneaky packet of Parma Violets in your order is worth a follow on Twitter surely!
I'd love to see what delights you've bought from The Kid Who, Tweet me or tag me on Instagram @Cardies_Crumbs
In these pictures Edie is wearing a tutu made for her by @MrsJoBall .


Little Crumbs

I Love You Too…Tu

We're ridiculously jammy with our circle of friends. And now our children have in our friends an extended family, people that love them.


For their birthday's they were spoilt with the generosity of our friends, gorgeous, thoughtful beautiful gifts.


One of our friends, Jo, for part of her birthday made Edie a tutu. On a sunny morning I couldn't resist getting some shots of her in it to mark her 1st Birthday.






I love the deep red with the khaki green, it's a colour combination that really works, girly with no glitter and hot pink in sight, she knows me too well!.


Talented friends huh? … See. Jammy.


She's pretty nifty with a needle is Jo and has made Edie a fab tabard style bib, that's gorgeous and her name in beautiful letters. Look Jo up on Twitter @MrsJoBall



Little Crumbs

Happy Birthday!! …… Is it Citing??



Last week this little one, turned 1.

I've rambled on to anyone within ear shot about 'how can this possibly have happened??' Everyone warns you about how time flies, you nod politely and agree.

And then you blink and you're holding a birthday cake.




Celebrations were low key, we met with friends at a soft play place in St Neots on the friday morning, It's one we go to often, there's a peaceful baby sensory room that's great for the little ones. Euan charged around in the main area with his chums, they had a great time. I am so blessed with such amazing friends, Edie was showered with gorgeous thoughtful gifts , and oh the clothes! … And then overwhelmed, she had a long sleep.

Sunday morning came, Euan melted my heart, sat in our bed watching cartoons early he heard Edie stir, without a prompt. Thump thump thump across the landing to swing open her door excitedly shouting at her'HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDIE', 'EDIE IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY, …IS IT CITING?'

One of those moments when I realise this is my family. I am one lucky cow. I drink it in.

Euan was fully aware it was Edie's birthday, he's had his birthday a while ago. We'd talked about how she would be 1. We made her a card. He was delegated 'Chief Super Duper Helper', he revelled in his role of helping Edie open her gifts and cards. We'd got him a little gift from his sister. Just a little token something that has now started a new obsession, to be posted later.

Edie was in great spirits all day, giggling, squealing, bouncing, so cuddly, using everyone's legs as leverage to stand looking up at you with those eyes.

Oh. those eyes. There's a glint of mischievousness in those big blue eyes.

She's cruising around now brilliantly and is so excited by her new perspective of the world.

With her 3 teeth (2 at the bottom and 1 at the top) she made light work of her birthday cake. I made it dairy free just for her. Edie's 1st Birthday.

She squealed and laughed all afternoon with her cousins as did Euan, they're a joy.

My Nan (who Edie's named after) came over with my Auntie, at almost 86 it's not easy for her to get out and about so it was very special to have her here to share her birthday.

And now she's 1.





We've adored having a tiny baby daughter, she's been amazing, She's got a lovely temperament. I'm immensely proud of her. She's beautiful. So calm, so patient, with an ability to crawl stealth like at a rate of knots. I need eyes everywhere.

She nuzzles the crook of your neck when you hold her and screws her nose up when she heartily chuckles. She adores her big brother, in his shadow wanting to be around him, watching him, laughing with him. She's still obsessed with Pocoyo, and Sarah & Duck.

She clearly says 'Mamama' and is building up to 'Daddeeeee' I'm most looking forward to hearing her say Euan.

And now for what the next year brings. We're ready.

My baby. 1.

Happy Birthday Precious Edie. We love you.

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