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I’m so proud of you my little big man….

Yesterday we crossed the road, I extended my arm for little man to take my hand. A firm grip that filled my palm took me aback. We'd done the very same thing earlier that day several times and the day before.


Getting home safely through the school run lunacy, making sure Edie's bobble hat hadn't fallen over her eyes and keeping Euan out of any suspicious yellow snow on the grass verges had probably distracted me.


We got in the warm, he took off his boots, scarf, hat and duffle coat off, put everything away all by himself, No “help me mummy please” and off he trotted to his play room calling out to me how “some toast would be yummy thanks Mum”. Mum. Not Mummy. Mum. Ouch.


It's been a few weeks where Mum would creep into conversation, I'd correct him, “Sweetheart, I'm Mummy”.


“Sorry Mum.”




He's only 3 1/2, and we're so proud of the little boy he's growing into. A year ago it hit me how he wasn't a baby anymore and now he's whizzing through his toddler-ness.


When we decided I wouldn't return to work, and would stay at home I of course felt so, so fortunate to be able to make that choice. But also if I'm honest a bit overwhelmed that it was for the most part down to me. Mr G is a very hands on father, a fantastic man the most amazing father to our children. But for 5 days a week he works 11 hour days & some. So for that time. It's down to me. A very close friend of mine told me something Ill always remember.


“You're not home and just there to look after them, you're bringing them up.”


This sounds so obvious, I'm his mother, of course Ill bring him up. But how often do we hear of the 'youff' of today with their crotch round their knees and their blatant disregard for anything other than dub step *cue tut and roll eyes*. …. Too judgemental? Sorry about that.


We have higher hopes for what we'd like Euan to become a confident, respectful, hard working young man with good values and morals with opportunities. Although some might think I nag on at him all the time to say his P's and Q's, to do our notes together at Christmas and Birthdays, to look at someone when they're talking, say excuse me, have patience. But not to be walked all over. We figured, surely teaching them this young to have manners and respect for others then the rest will follow.


Crikey. I sound like I'm running some kind of boot camp. Believe me, we're a relaxed household I'm totally for letting children be children, relax, get mucky have freedom but I do think it's important to lay down the groundwork when they're so young. A balance.






I'm so incredibly proud of the boy he is. This is such a gorgeous age I have to document some characteristics I just can't get enough of.


  • That warm rosy cheeked wide eyed face that greets me first thing, demanding porridge and honey.
  • That little crease in the nook of your neck
  • Those huge lashes with those eyes. Oh those eyes.
  • “Daddy where you been to?” Everyday. When he comes home from work.
  • The way you struggle to say biscuit. So you innocently ask for “2 big shits in a bowl please”.
  • Your infectious giggle.
  • Playing 'Whats the time Mr Wolf” ….. And it's 'harf.past.78' every time.
  • Your love of colour.
  • Your love of being outside, whatever the weather.
  • Nudie hide and seek waiting for the bath to run.
  • Your dimples.
  • Your adjustment to being a big brother.
  • How you teach me so much about myself.
  • The little games I hear you playing, and how when you see me watching you get embarrassed.
  • Your hugs.
  • How happy you make us.
  • The level of excited you get for other people's birthdays.
  • The shakey shakey dance you do to mix up your sisters bottles.
  • Your 'listening ears' *does big eyes and tickles ears with wiggly fingers, to show his giving you his attention*
  • Your love of stories.
  • How you told me your converse were cool.
  • How when I call “where's my handsome boy?” You shout “HERE I AM!”
  • Your imagination and creativity.
  • How ridiculously exciting you find the steam cleaner.
  • The raspberries you dribble and do on your sisters tummy.
  • How you tell me you love me as your drifting off to sleep.

Euan we blimmin well love every inch of you. We're so lucky to have you. Im so proud of you. You're all kinds of amazing.




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