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Tick Tock

I’m sure I’m not the only mum in the land with a bag like this ….

With 2 children under the age of 4, I lug around changes of clothes, nappies, wipes, toys, a bottle, selection of snacks, bongela……The usual essentials.
Having a baby with a vice like grip on the end of go go gadget arms, I gave up wearing any jewellery for fear it could get broken, or she’d hurt herself on it. This included my watch.
So now in a time where I’m constantly needing to know the time, I’ve stopped wearing the 1 thing that did the job perfectly, instead having to dig through all of that (see fore-mentioned handbag picture) and rummage for my phone whilst juggling a squirming baby on my hip… I think it’s time I invested in a watch.
Here are a few favourites I stumbled across while browsing the John Lewis website. John Lewis offer a 2 year guarantee.
1 – Unisex Round, Black £70:00
2 – Men’s Charcoal Suit, Round, Leather Strap £66:50
3 – Once Again, Unisex, Black £32:00
4 – Full Blooded Unisex Chronograph Gold £105:00
5 – Women’s Originals Lady Plastic, Also available in Black & White, £32:00
6 – Women’s Cool Breeze White Round Plastic Strap £32:00
7 – Calicarpa Unisex Analogue, Red Strap £32:00
I love the simplicity of the Swatch Watches range, their originals are classics and would go with everything, for many an occasion. Opt for a bright colour from the range like the purple (5) or the red (7) for a fun injection of colour.
I am taken though with how feminine a mans watch can be. I know a random statement. But many a celeb are partial to rocking a mans watch. Swatch have a great selection of Unisex watches that very more on the masculine side (1). I’m not into ‘blingy’ jewellery, and ‘blingy’ these are not, gorgeous however they are in abundance.
8 – Core Collection, Windfall, Chronograph Watch £114:50
9 – Chronograph Bracelet Watch, Blustery, Silver £114:50
I think one of these beauties will help solve my problem and be a great style statement … Just what I like 2 birds and all that.
What time is it?…. Shopping time!
Please note I was invited to write this post, but all views and opinions are my own.

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